Santa Paula aka Al-Salam Hotel

Posted by Itsallg000d on April 26th, 2010 at 12:41 am

I’ve been looking for the Al-Salam “ship” hotel pictures for long time. It had been such an attraction in Kuwait until the invasion in 1990 when it was destroyed. They should have rebuilt it again … !

Originally the ship was built under the name Santa Paula in 1956 for Grace lines along with her sister ship SS Santa Rosa. In 1972 Santa Paula was sold to a Greece cruises company which renamed it to Stella Polaris. In 1976, Stella Polaris was purchased by Marriott Group and four Kuwaiti companies to be converted to luxury floating hotel in Kuwait when the ship was sent to Rijeka, Yugoslavia to start the makeup process. In September 1978, Stella Polaris arrived in Kuwait and renamed to Kuwait Marriott Hotel. The hotel officially opened on February 1, 1980 after work needed in Shuwaikh harbor for the ship to be permanently grounded.

In 1989 it was renamed Ramada Al-Salam Hotel. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1991 the ship was destroyed totally. Amazingly some of her parts somehow remained in perfect order were sold and were used for her sister ship, SS Santa Rosa which is currently known as The Emerald operated by Thomson Cruises

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  1. brownsuger says:

    (0_0) where did u get the pic’s and the info….!

  2. Mohammad says:

    Yeah i also saw one in long beach California, its called Queen Mary :)

  3. Seeing these pictures reminded me of so many memories !! i remember it perfectly, seeing it when i was a kid was something amazing for me, however i never got the chance to go inside. Actually the picture that is stuck in my head is the one after the invasion, it was hard for me to understand.
    I support the idea of making a new one, like the one in SAS, Al Hashmi ballroom, though i didnt like that one.

  4. BNDQ8 says:

    these pictures bring back memories..B and i had been there as kids for some parties.. nice pics..i have only one pic with me :(

  5. q8life says:

    Very interesting. I did know of such a thing ever existed in Kuwait. It was a nice one, going by the pics. We need to have another one to add to our local tourist spots scene, which is now dominated by Malls.

  6. fereej says:

    ayaaaaaaaam wallah

  7. Moammer Rafique Khan says:

    Sniff sniff makes me wanna go back too the old days!!!

  8. Frankom says:

    I attended someone’s wedding there :)

  9. Trev says:

    I climbed all over the burnt out wreck when I was there in
    1993-4 areas were still intact whence they were parted out to the
    sister ship. What happened to it now where did it go for scrapping
    / is it still there?

  10. Meera sahib - Indian says:

    Assalamu alaikkum
    These picutres takes me to those days when Iraqi’ invaded kuwait and our struggle for escape. Its a nice hotel. I worked there only for four months as secretary to the Sales Manager, a sudanese. Our general Manager too a Sudanese. A nice man. I would like to contact with those people who worked with me during gilf war.

  11. cindy says:

    I use to work there,when it was the Marriott hotel,many years ago..Fond memories!

    • brownsuger says:

      Waw really that’s awesome! were are you from and were are you now. Do you have any photo of the Santa Paula (Al-Salam Marriott Hotel) i would really appreciate that :)

  12. Brian says:

    Was on a cruise on the Santa Paula with my grandparents in the 60s great memories,still have some menus and things from the ship