Kuwait Bloggers Awards

Posted by brownsuger on October 13th, 2009 at 1:04 pm


This idea came to my mind as I was coming back home from the gym, to have a Bloggers Award ceremony … what do you think? Right now I believe there is no such award…hum.

I would like to know your thoughts, we could have categories:

Best blog of the year, Best post of the year, Best new blog, Best blog design And so on…

I don’t know it’s just a thought, should we put effort into it!? If yes we all share the effort :P       oscar2

30 Responses to “Kuwait Bloggers Awards”

  1. The Blogger says:

    and the nominees are:-

    4th Ring road – 248am- ilsul6ana- p0ach- and last but not least

    360 dewan!

  2. Hal says:

    Ya, good idea but you first must have a bloggers’ society to organize this event

    • Lurkerz Blog says:

      yup,, totally agree. but a limited one. so all the blogs members support each other.

      We need monthly bloggers meetings also. kuwait blogs doesn’t help that much -_-


      great Idea,
      I have it since ever :P

  3. iLSuL6ana says:

    Aywaaaa! 3ashaw 3ashaw…I think it should be only 100% Q8ti blogs :D.. by Q8ti’s for Q8ties..wwa haketha :P

    • Kuwait Stay says:

      I think it should be only 100% Q8ti blogs (Agreed) .. by Q8ti’s for Q8ties(Disagree, it is sad to say that there need to be a change in the attitude).

  4. Salem says:

    wallah I honestly think that it’s an excellent idea .. Let us have a red carpet too :D and we want an award similar to the golden popcorn award hehe ;p All kidding aside .. It’s a great idea and if you need help just let me know ;)

  5. Tariq says:

    i would say blushberry , 4thringroad, 248am and ilsul6lana

  6. Mohammed says:

    Great idea, totally agree with you guys ! :D

    Hope all the best for all the blogs specially you guys, keep on the good work !

    ( Wallah el gym tyee menna afkar san3a :P )

  7. EXzombiesm says:

    we tried in the past to organize such event (4 times from my part), but it only hit a brick wall of negative opinions!

    here is the thing, Arabic Blogs divide into 3 or more sections, political, personal, Service or Review, and artsy blogs, same goes for the English Blogs. and even there you have many that intertwine with more category!

    when you want to choose or nominate, the bloggers will see that as favoring your friends or those close to your Circle, try as much as you can to leave the nomination and voting process in the hands of others, ie, make it open for the bloggers to nominate, then let them vote.

    if you are serious about the “KABA” I’ll work it out with you next Friday

    and good luck

    • brownsuger says:

      Oh ok since you have past experince in this let’s talk about it friday but please dude lets perpar it for next year i’m too occupied till the end of this year

  8. seriouselyx says:

    sounds good, go for it !

  9. Khalil says:

    nice idea:)

    Q8path will be the one of them :)

  10. سالم ولد بوسالم says:

    ماتصلح بالكويت
    لانه في واسطات
    ومنو لجنة التحكيم ؟ وعلى اي اساس يختارون افضل بلوغ وافضل بوست ؟
    انا اقول انسى الموضوع وايد احسن :)

    • Abdulmohsen says:

      معاك حق… عملية الفرز منو يتكفل فيها؟ و شلون اذا نبي نحط مندوبين؟

      في سؤال ثاني… ليش ما يحطون جائزة حق احسن معلق بالمدونات؟

      اذا صارت لا تخاف واسطتك عندي… وراك ناس تفزع لك طال عمرك


  11. sous _lb says:

    Definitely!! It’s a great idea it’s what Kuwaiti’s do best:) but who will the judges be?? that would be difficult:)

  12. iLSuL6ana says:

    eb9ara7a ana a7taj..oo abbi astajweb Abdulmohsen min 4th ring road..shakla shary a9wat..

    • Abdulmohsen says:

      اطالب بتأجيل الاستجواب الى ما بعد الانتخابات و هذا يسمح به الدستور الكويتي

      بعدين كيفكم قولوا الي تبون تقولونه اهم شي عندي المنصب

      • iLSuL6ana says:

        AYYYY DESTOOOR ET7ACHA 3ANA! Ga3ed netkalam 3an blogs :P

        Awadeek wara il shams.

        • Abdulmohsen says:

          Ay estejwab 3ayal?

          laish tabeen tifthi7eeny?

          hatha o ana nawy a36eech man9ib ‘modeer maktab’

          ilsharha 3alay inny fakart athab6ich

          you lost your chance sister!


          • iLSuL6ana says:

            LOool 3bdelme7sin :P fee estjwab bil blogs :P

            a5er marah estajwebaw ur blog 3an il review maal il BB :P wela ana ghal6ana,

            Oo barart mowqefeeek? sa7…hatha estjwab :P

            mabi man9ebek :P yeeb a7ad min ahalek aw “gbeltek” oo 76a :P

  13. Slim says:

    Thumbs UP

  14. Khalid says:

    yes we have to
    im serious if u are to
    maybe u can contact me and the media is on me specially on t.v
    o we can all put to gether the money and make it a yearly thing
    and the sponcer is on me to!
    what do u think ?

  15. Summer says:

    that would be one of a kind!

  16. Abdullah says:

    GREAAAAAT idea, i have a good experince with event planning so if you need help just contact me.

  17. mira says:

    this a great idea! m a new blogger, its been almost a month and its doin great so far.
    i just need more details about it:)