The rarely seen 1 Kuwaiti Fils

Posted by brownsuger on October 13th, 2009 at 9:15 pm


Back in my early teens I had a hobby of collecting different coins from all over the world since I was a constant traveler – good old days –. I almost collected coins from every country, but my collection was lost and I never got to complete my coin collection.

I managed to salvage the most important piece of my collection, which is the Kuwaiti “one fils”

I’m not sure when the 1 fils stopped issuing but I’m almost sure before the 1990’s. The one’s I have are issues of 1983 and I have  one that was issued at 1966 check it it’s the last one in the bottom.    

If you have a rare Kuwait collection please let me know I’m very much interested in the coins that have “Emirate of Kuwait” “إمارة الكويت” writing on it  


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  1. Frankom says:

    ليش مايشيلونها ؟

  2. Senzi Bianca says:

    awwahhh!! how did u loose you collection..thats so sad.. i am a collector myself, actually use to collect but stopped after school..even i have got the 1 fils but all before 1990′s… :)

    • brownsuger says:

      will its a strange story. my family and i was traviling and when i cam back home i never found the box i use to keep them in, while the 1 fils collection was in the safe thats how i still have them.

  3. NBZ says:

    i actually have 3 one fil coins…all of them date earlier than 1990′s . they r my prized possesions. hehhee i keep thinkin i could auction them years from now and become a milllionaire…haahhaha wishful thinking:D

  4. deathgram says:

    i have a *one fils*
    1983 edition… i is cool!

  5. Pyyth4 says:

    thanks for sharing with us….:D

  6. Hal says:

    rarest would have ‘emarate alkuwait’ (pre-independence), written instead of just kuwait

  7. I would like to see some Gulf Rupees which were pre-independence if I am correct?

  8. ariston says:

    You can also find lots of valuable coins in the Friday market, but you have to go there earlier. :)

  9. Soul says:

    kan 3endy wa7da :}

  10. Basil says:

    I have a few 1 fils coins, maybe three. I have to double check. I believe I have two from 1961 that say Emirate of Kuwait. I like the 1 fils coins. I think they look very interesting. I also have the Emirate Al Kuwait on all the coins. I have at least one set. I am not selling these. I managed to collect a large amount of coins from all over the world. I first started collecting when I lived in Kuwait, but I think our landlord in Kuwait took stuff in the apartment. There was a war with Iraq in 1990, so we lost the coin collection I had at that time. However, my collection now is much bigger than the one I used to have. I store my coins. I have many old Soviet coins, coins of Palestine, many old Turkish coins, old Greek coins, so many British shillings, many from East Germany, many French silver coins, so many from Spain, and coins from almost every country in the world.

  11. Martin says:

    I’m from Macedonia and I have one of that coin

    • brownsuger says:

      Hi … i saw your collection but its 100 fils not 1 fils and they date to 1988 and 1975 not 1960′s
      thanks anyway

      • Sanjay AJ says:

        I have some one fils .. i’ll send you their pictures..i think you’d be interested in buying.. get back to me so i can send you the images


  12. Nicole says:

    Thanks for showing.
    I had never seen one :)
    I sold my Dad’s coin collection when I was a teenager.
    Sooo stupid :(

  13. thomas says:

    i cant read the dates on my 1 fils. I have 2 of them.

  14. manoj kumar shinghariya says:

    I am a coins collecter, I do have a 1 Kuwaiti Fils coin, it’s for sale and I think you are interested in buying.

    also I do have other coins to offer.

  15. Mohamed says:

    I was living in kuwait with my family during 80′s, I have around 70′s of one fils coins, but I do not know the value of the whole 70′s!

  16. maha says:

    i have more older than this coin , if u want call me 9738856635.

  17. melroy says:

    Hey guys , please email me “melroyfalcao11@hotmail.com” of any rare coins that you have preferably 1 fil coins send me the pics and the price required , thanks.

    • mayette says:

      hi melroy,
      my daughter has kuwait 1 fil coin. would you be interested in buying it? i have no idea how much it costs. its just for my daughter’s sake that im doing this. thank you and God bless


      • brownsuger says:

        Thank you for contacting us for that. Yes i’m interested in what you have but i want to know that date of the coin you have is it dated 1961? can you please take a photo of the coin and send it to our email 360dewan@gmail.com

  18. mohammed says:

    i have many old Kuwaiti coins
    i have :
    1 files 1976 2 piece 1977 and 1979 2 piece
    5 files 1971 , 1974 , 1976 , 1977 and 1979
    10 files 1961 , 1968 , 1972 , 1973 , 1974 , 1976 , 1977 and 1979
    20 files 1970 , 1971 , 1976 2 piece and 1977
    50 files 1977 and 1979
    100 files 1976 , 1977 and 1979 + i have many pieces from 80s too for them all

    if any 1 interested on buying them they are for sell if it a good offer

  19. staszek says:

    Hi, I would not say that 1 fils from Kuwait is rare.
    Last week I bought 1 fils 1961 (1380 muslim date) for 2 polish zlote (its about 1 U$) Im from Poland.
    Coin is in nice unc condition. But maybe its not that coin you talking about or just me something don’t uderstand;)
    I can send photos of my example. I have a lot of other Kuwaiti circulation coins. Looking for buy some commemorative coin from Kuwait but its hard to get it. Hello from Poland.

  20. Hassan says:


    i have 1961 Emirates Al Kuwait 100 fills in excellent condition also i have following

    1- Set of bank notes 1980 Third Issue
    2- Silver Commemorative Coin – 1981 20th Anniversary of the National Day of the State of Kuwait
    3- Silver Commemorative Coin – 1996 50th Anniversary of 1st Oil Shipment (absolute Mint Condition with box, this is very rare coin only 4000 were mint)

  21. SHAROUKH says:

    I have a kuwait 1fills coins and I want to sell it if anyone is interested they can contact me on sharoukhx@hotmail.com

  22. tiger says:

    hello i was born in kuwait and lived there more than 22 years i was working in bank in kuwait 1982 i collect some old diner kuwait and one coins 100fils 1961 emarate al kuwait if some body interst in this currancy can contact my
    mobile 008613760642215 or send me e-mail to 1142754395@qq.com . tiger

  23. Ahmad says:

    i have 68 coins of “one fils” year of 1961, and at least 200 coins of “one fils” different years

  24. avtar says:

    i have a currency of kuwait which one show on this page my email id.avtar989@gmail.com

  25. Bill Peter says:

    During my time in Kuwait -1979 to 1982 – Mercedes opened a new showroom. During the opening ceremony they offered a top-of-the-range model for one fil. Needless to say, no-one had a coin

  26. pratik mody says:

    I do have 1961 1 fils coin of Kuwait (Abdullah-16N salim),MS 60 prime, graded by NGS india, can you tell me what is market value of it.