Oishii Nippon In Kuwait: Finest fresh fruits from Japan

Posted by Itsallg000d on October 15th, 2009 at 10:46 am


Oishi Nippon (Taste of Japan) is considered the first dedicated store in Kuwait selling premium Japanese fruits officially opened its doors earlier this week in Al-Salhiya complex.

I hope they have that square watermelon :)

[Al-Qabas Newspaper]

Below are our personal photos of Oishii Nippon – it was closed i couldn’t try it :(

Oishii Nippon geft shop1


Oishii Nippon geft shop 2

16 Responses to “Oishii Nippon In Kuwait: Finest fresh fruits from Japan”

  1. Hal says:

    Wonder what the prices are like ?

    • Itsallg000d says:

      I was there at about 4:30Pm this evening but it was closed, and they did not have price tags! I guess, they will let taste some samples then strike you with the price :P

  2. brownsuger says:

    Hummm a place like this needs larger space …. this is disapointing :(

  3. seriouselyx says:

    i agree with brownsugar the place should be larger, but it looks nice and i am a fruit freak so yay ! xD

  4. Lurkerz Blog says:

    sweet ^_^
    hope they have reasonable prices for them. otherwise I’ll go to Shwaikh chapraa :P

  5. the boudoir. says:

    that place between the two cafes means only one thing! its temporary!?
    Do u Who is the owner is?..and the fruit dont look exotic, we have same ones already..definately pricier:P

  6. Yasmina says:

    looks nice … i wanna try it..I always wanted to try the square melon !!!! and by the way owner is Mrs. Keiko the owner of Kei Resturant the one in Marina Mall.

    • brownsuger says:

      Aha! I see, I met here once I think it was in 2006 or 2007. She’s a smart business women. Inshallah I will go again to try it. Next time invite me to such event to cover live ;D thanks for the info.

  7. Soul says:

    chenna mal markaz sultan.

  8. A melon is a melon says:

    Do they also do triangular melons? :)

    I was kinda hoping Muji would open shop before one of them more exotic Japanese stores came to town. Come to think of it a Takashimaya in Kuwait wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Of Oishi Nippon doing well in Koweit , I am less sure.

    • brownsuger says:

      Will the trend now is going east. a lot of ppl are interisted in Japanese food and culture more ppl are traviling to Japan so its the righ time for Japanese investment here.
      Koweit !??!? its Kuwait are you French ?

  9. ~* Ichigo Hime *~ says:

    oh i hope they have some of those japanese strawberries XD


  10. oiinkytoiinky says:

    oh i pass by there last nyt but the display was empty…maybe new fruis willl come. gonna come back there for a surprise! :-P