Five hobbies that impress women

Posted by mrdirector80 on November 20th, 2010 at 9:52 pm

I find it very imperative for a person to have a hobby, especially one that is not related to the person’s job. They don’t really have to impress others, it’s just a way of attaining joy, inner peace, serenity, self development, developing new skills….and most important, having fun! :D

Just a few days ago, I came across this article of hobbies that apparently impress our female peers. Well, some of you will agree, and some of course will disagree firmly. In any case, enjoy the article (source: MSN Arabia Lifestyle)….and before you read it, I have a question: What is your hobby (or hobbies if you have more than one)?

“Five hobbies that impress women

By: Hugh Wilson

Do you play dominoes on a regular basis, collect exotic beer mats or hang around on windy station platforms waiting to note the number of the 5.17 from Manchester Piccadilly?

If you can say yes to any of those, stop now. Or at least, don’t talk about them too loudly. And the same goes for a host of other traditional male hobbies, from live action role-play to making models of HMS Ark Royal out of lollypop sticks.

The fact is, they aren’t going to impress women, and in some cases may actively repel them. There isn’t a woman in the world, for instance, who will accept being stood up in favour of a meeting with the goblin Ring Wizard.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to give up hobbies altogether. You just have to pick ones that women find attractive – hobbies with a spiritual element, hobbies that show a side of your personality she definitely wants to see, and hobbies that remind her that you can do stuff that she just can’t.

Fact is, what a man does in his free time says a lot about him. Make sure what your hobby is saying is something you really want women to hear.

1. Play an instrument


It doesn’t have to be the guitar or the piano – the flute, banjo or saxophone will do just as well. But playing an instrument suggests a sensitive and creative side, an appreciation of the finer things in life, and preparedness for long-term commitment (getting good takes time, practice and patience, after all).

If you get good enough to take to the stage (whether as leather-trousered rocker or acoustic poet), so much the better. Being on stage with an instrument makes women swoon like almost nothing else, even if you’re second guitar for the third-best band in college.

2. Volunteer


Oh yes, volunteering is like catnip to a certain type of woman. Of course you’ll be doing it for the noblest of reasons, but helping out in a soup kitchen at Christmas or working for a few hours in the local Oxfam shop also gives you a cachet with the opposite sex that few other activities can match.

It’s probably all down to genetics. When they see you being nice to vagrants, they subconsciously see you being nice to your future offspring. Volunteering equates to compassion, and deep down every woman wants a compassionate father for the children she has absolutely no intention of bearing for years.

3. Play sport

Hoofing a ball into the teeth of a howling gale is not glamorous or sexy, and you’re unlikely to be able to rouse your lady friend to come and watch. But believe it or not, playing pub football is sending out all the right signals. In fact, so is playing any team sport.


Why? Well, because unlike the majority of men your current squeeze has known, you’re actually playing sport, rather than just watching other people play it. You’re a can-do guy. You have a healthy attitude to competition and a positive attitude to health. You’re a team player. These are all attributes women find attractive.

Note, though, that telling her all about your gym sessions won’t have the same effect. Sport is manly, but she might consider exercise for the sake of it vain, even if she does exactly the same thing herself. Nobody said she had to be consistent.

4. Photograph things


It’s a sad fact but holding a high-end camera makes you interesting in a way that holding the controls to a game console just doesn’t (life is indeed cruel). Hanging around and photographing anything from fluffy ducklings to interesting architectural features makes you seem creative and arty in a way many women appreciate.


And there’s another upside, as far as women are concerned. Maybe she’s a budding model or actress needing decent shots for her portfolio. Maybe she just wants to have a passport pic that nobody laughs at. Either way, having a snapper for a boyfriend has advantages other hobbies just can’t touch.

5. Do some DIY


Men who sport tool belts and own dedicated workbenches are kinda nerdy, right? Actually, yes, but that doesn’t mean that women don’t appreciate the handier man.


It’s a question of moderation. DIYers who meet women in bars and spend the evening talking about the renovations they’re making to the garden shed are likely to go home alone. But a charming man who just happens to be able to fix his date’s leaky tap when he turns up for dinner – however much that sounds like the plot from a 70s porno movie – are considered rare and precious finds.

It’s easy to see why. Men who know what to do with a power drill (enough!) are few and far between these days, and are exactly the sort of nest builders women subconsciously yearn for.”

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  1. hmmm i don’t agree with everything but 3indi num 1 eli miltizim ib 9alata o lema ea’thin egoum mu ebasi6 bil gahwa ma chena sima3 il athan o they impress me lema aro7 il ma9ala washofhum wearing their shoes of or taking it off widiii aroo7 agolhum taqbal allah hehe:$. num 2 playing sports (mostly football) & loves ilba7ar;D

  2. anon says:

    i was gonna agree with the person above me and add some more stuff.. then i realized its about hobbies, not jobs or commitements;p

  3. NK says:

    These don’t apply to K-Gals here they are looking for more like cash cows. The first questions K-Gals will ask is “what’s his family name?” right after this “Where does he work?” then come “what’s his car?” “What’s his mom name?” “How’s he look?” and so on :)

    I like the DIY guy, just like Wisteria Lane kind of place :P

  4. Bol3ethem says:

    Got Num. 4 …

    C’mon ladies !! where r u .. ?

    Dude , ur gona get in trouble ;p