Lazurd! meals preparation <3

Posted by brownsuger on June 15th, 2011 at 1:39 pm


Lazurd is a kind of Jewelry also a catering company :>

Location: Arraya Complex – Mezzanine 2

They invited us to check them and try out their fancy products and flavored.

What i like about Lazurd:

Fancy way to display food for celebrations or what have you

Delicious taste :> yummy ( yes i’m getting fatter, i hate my self ;( )

They change their menu every2 months, so new stuff from time to time

Very affordable, i was surprised with their precises

What i don’t like about Lazura:

You have to call to make an order you can’t just walk in the store and buy ;( i faced that last week!


The have coffee sweets, French Pastry, Canapes, Savories, Salted Biscuits, Keddeh, Cup cakes, Brownies, Cookies and super small Sandwiches :D




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