[Review] Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB Wifi Version

Posted by Caffeinated on July 18th, 2011 at 3:04 pm

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Finally, just got my hands on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 about a week ago and spent some good amount of time trying to get familiar with this beast, there are ups of course but there are some really damning let downs as well. however; you’d want to read onfor the full story.

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Reception: It didn’t take much for me to receive my Tab 10.1, less than a week in fact since I’ve first ordered it on impulse. (I really wanted to read my magazines on a tablet instead of hauling around a bag full of them!).

First Impression: I expected the whole package to be fairly light… but honestly not this light, it did cost me however 9+ KDs to for shipping charges of course. The Packaging was neat and simple, no fancy stuff here, The white rectangular box came secured with two (non-destructive) adhesive tapes in the bottom. Inside the box You’ll be greeted with the Tab itself, and You’ll have that “this can’t be 10.1 inches?!” moment, but it is… on a wider scale. You hold the device and it’s rock solid, al my fears that the plastic back cover would give it a cheapy feel were eradicated instantly! Beneath the Tab, you’ll find the rest of the necessities: Charger hub, USB cable, headphones and a surprisingly small manual/instruction booklet. That’s it. The device is light, lighter than anything out there (lighter even than the mighty iPad 2) and it felt really natural holding the the tab with one hand and even more so with two. the back grayish cover gave it a cool look and the texture on it felt somehow wooden (in a good way). upfront, it’s all black, no buttons no hassle, simply slick. The device hosts a power/lock button, a volume up/down button audio jack, two stereo speaker side slots and a connector slot in the bottom.

OS and Usage: 20110718133314

I loved the Honeycomb, the retail version I got from Amazon came with the latest 3.1 version of El Googs goodness, the setup process didn’t take much, a couple of clicks and swipes and I was good to go. The OS felt smooth, no lags, no broken transitions, the best Android experience I had. The layout was intuitive, most likely because I’m familiar with Android devices, people coming from Cupertino’s Apple seeds might have some unfamiliarity issues there but nothing you can’t learn in an hour. Everything felt so customizable and it everything actually is. the Screen was really amazing, literally glowing at you and wants you to swipe your way through. Everything was great until I was struck with the fact that I couldn’t download any apps due to the Market restrictions (Dam’it!). Now here’s the thing, a tablet is virtually useless without Apps in it… I mean it came with some really great preinstalled apps, especially the QuickOffice app that lets you explore your device’s files and create Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents and more, but seriously, you need games, apps and more apps! 20110718134357 20110712134917-1 20110718134947

Point to be made: The device is relatively new, so no quick rooting has been made yet (not that I encourage it, however, I’ve already found ways on how to root it), ergo; no Market Access. So, after some tinkering, I’ve found a way to overcome that hurdle and now my device is “Appful”… so to speak.


All in all, I’m in love with this thing, it feels more alive than an iPad, more “cozy” in ways, the battery is beautiful and lasts you a full day of game crunching, movie watching, web-surfing, apps fiddling action!

My Take: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a star in its own right, I love how it handles, the interface, the customizability. If you feel a bit adventurous and not ultimately hooked on Apple’s iPad 2 or their interface, then you should give this a try. However, if you’re not keen on experimenting outside the big Apple, than you’re safe with the iPad 2.  I’m using a wifi version and it doesn’t bother me a bit since I tether my Galaxy S or iPhone 4 with it when I need internet access, but if you feel like you want the Tab but wants a cellular version, then you better wait a bit for that to happen, will keep you posted.

If you have any questions, let me have them and I’ll try my best to bring you an answer.

Spec Sheet (Reviewed Model):

Dimensions  256.6 x 172.9 x 8.6 mm, 565 g
Display 10.1″ 16M-color WXGA (1280 x 800 pixels) PLS TFT capacitive touchscreen
CPU  Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset
 OS  Android 3.1 Honeycomb
 Memory  32 GB storage
 Camera  3.15 megapixel auto-focus camera with 720p video recording; LED flash, 2 megapixel front facing camera
 Battery  7000 mAh
Connectivity  Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0+HS, 3.5mm audio jack, FM radio, HDMI TV-out (through an adapter), USB host (adapter required)
Misc  DivX/XviD codec support, built-in accelerometer, multi-touch input, proximity sensor, 4 way gyroscope sensor
Preinstalled Apps Full HTML Web Browser, Books, Browser, Email, Gallery, Gmail™, Google Maps™, Android Market, Google Search™, Google Talk™, Voice Search, Latitude, Music Hub, Navigation, Places, Pulse, QuickOffice, Samsung Apps, YouTube, Music Player

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29 Responses to “[Review] Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB Wifi Version”

  1. brownsuger says:

    Damn it there getting better ;/ but apple will do a sneak attach!

    • Caffeinated says:

      Well, Apple didn’t get where they are overnight you know. However, lately I’ve lost faith in them since they started the “My Way or the Highway” philosophy recently, bad and arrogant judgments from their part aren’t helping either (FCP X, Developers, Lawsuits… etc.).

      Regardless, Rumors has it the iPhone 5 (or 4S) is due to be announced and released within the next 3 months, so gear up :)

  2. Kuwaitiful says:

    Welcome to Open Source!

  3. Baderism says:

    Well, I think it’s getting much better than the iOS since there’s not limitation on the customizations and usage.
    even you can enjoy your background since Apple only let you focus on the grids of the apps! and I’m really sick of it!

    The Open Source is great but it still need time and ppl must be aware that it’s better than the other commercial stuff.

    • Caffeinated says:

      Agreed, the demand is there, however there are some letdowns that drive people away from Android’s market; majorly the lack of a unified billing and support system, hence not as manny quality Apps.

      Apple does gulp down about 30% off the price tag of each App but in return they handle the billing system, promotion and technical support for the apps, whereas the Android Market lack those facilities and many small development houses don’t have the time and/or means to handle the extra pressure that comes with that.

      I believe Google is working something out in that regards, or else they’ll just eat dust in the race with Apple’s AppStore.

  4. Kumail+ says:

    you ordered it from Amazon? shipped to you Aramex or directly to Kuwait?

    how long did it take for you to receive it?

    • Caffeinated says:

      Yea, and indeed I used Aramex and didn’t really take that long, a week exactly, just make sure you order it on tuesday with 2nd day shipping so that by the time it gets to Aramex facilities in the states and gets sent from to Aramex Kuwait facilities on saturday/sunday and cleared from customs by monday and therefore getting it on wednesday/thursday ;)

      Hope this helps, let me know how it goes with you :)

      • Kumail+ says:

        how much did it cost you totally?

        • Caffeinated says:

          Let’s see…

          Tab 10.1 32GB Wifi: $599 (KD 164.500)
          Tax: $53.60 (KD 14.750)
          2nd Day Shipping from Amazon: Free
          Aramex Shipping Charges: KD 9.500

          TOTAL: KD 188.750

          Not too bad if you ask me, hope you’ll find this useful :)

  5. Julia says:

    hi, thanks for your review on the samy10.1 it really helped me alot
    i’m going to order it from amazon.com but i need your help with some things please :$

    1- you said that we can’t ( download any apps due to the Market restrictions ). well why is that ???
    i really can’t imagin tab10.1 without apps :( … is there a way or a trick so i can use the market?!!

    2-and because the tan is wifi i was thinking in using viva internet with MIFI device do you think it’s going to work??
    i don’t want to buy it and then to find out i can’t use the MIFI to access the internet on the road :)

    3- and the last thing i want to know if i can play facebook games on it looool i’m soo hooked on them :$

    finally i want to thank you again for this great review it really helped me to know how to order it but i’m waiting on your reply

    • Caffeinated says:

      Heya Lassie, Glad you’ve found it useful :)

      As for your questions, I’ll try my best to cover them all:

      1- Usually the android market applies these “restrictive” rules because of local taxes and logistics. “HOWEVER”, after reading your comment, I decided to go give it another shot (without using Market Access tool) and apparently the Android Market is available now to our region and to be on the safe side, I downloaded a “free” and a “paid” app, both worked fine :)
      I used to go around the unavailability of apps by either:
      a. Rooting the device and installing “Market Access” to emulate American/International SIM Cards (It kinda fools your device into thinking you’re somewhere else ;) ) (Won’t recommend it unless you’re previously familiar with rooting)
      b. Downloading Apps on PC/MAC and transferring them using USB/Bluetooth to the Android Device to install.

      2- The tab works fine with any wifi router (I use my iPhone or Sammy Galaxy S to tether internet to the Tab, Works absolutely fine , Also tried Zajil, Mada, multiple secure networks with no issues at all :) )

      3- lol, Okay, this one caught me off guard, I tested it out for you though. It worked on some games and didn’t with some. You see; many games on facebook need the use of keyboard / mouse to play and those are two commodities the Sammy Tab, or any other tab in fact don’t have, therefore you’ll be stuck w/ point and click game for now :) (if you have .swf /flash games, you can play them when downloaded to the tab by using SWF Player App of which gives you “virtual” Keyboard and mouse cursor.)

      I hope the above covered your questions. Let me know how it goes with you and/or if you need anything else :)

      • Julia says:

        Thanks alot man you are a life savior :)
        Think i’ll stick with downloading apps on my laptop then transferred them to the tab :)
        coz i’m not familler with the rooting, and about the games on facebook i only play a point and click games :) so wooohooo i can also play the gams on the tab :)

        so for now almost all my dreams became true ;)

        Appreciate your help ;)
        have a great week!!

        • Caffeinated says:

          Glad to be of some service :)

          As I said before, now you’re able to buy / download apps directly from the Android Market, so you don’t have to root nor use the pc to transfer apps.
          Also, you need to go to Samsung’s support page to download the drivers of the Tab 10.1 for it to work with the PC, unfortunately; MAC is not yet supported as far as I know unless you have the Samsung KIES application (downloadable from Sammy’s support page).

          Let me know if you need anything else. Cheerios! :D

          • Julia says:

            hey how are you?
            i was about to order the device from amazon when i found this site
            it’s the tablet i want with every thing i want is there any way you know how to order from it??

          • Caffeinated says:

            Sorry for the late reply :)

            you simply can’t. The one in the site is a 2 year contract deal only, provided by a wireless telecommunication company in the US of A (like Wataniya, Zain and Viva). Also, it’s a preorder, meaning it’s not out yet not to mention it’s not just wifi, it’s the cellular version which means it’s most likely to be “locked” and unusable without a Verizon line.

            So you’re best best so far is Amazon, i guess. Try BestBuy or Target, they might have the Tab with a different price :)

  6. Julia says:

    thanks for reply :)
    OUCH now i’m sooo going to get mad till when should i wait for the 3G tablet O_o
    really sammy should do something with it :/
    i did looked where you told me nothing there it’s only on this site i gave you
    but some friends told me i should wait till next month i don’t know i’ll wait 1 month only then i’m buying the WIFI tablet need it a lot for my studying :)

    thanks a lot for helping me
    sorry to bother you with my never ending questions :)

    • Caffeinated says:

      Anytime :)

      Whether to get it or not depends on whether you need a 3G version or Wifi, the 3G version will be a bit more expensive though and will arrive later in August. It’s all up to you now :)

      • Julia says:

        so it will arrive in kuwait in August?? or in USA??
        i really need 3G version coz it’s better than WIFI for me :)
        i’ll wait till August hope it arrive sooner :)

        • Caffeinated says:

          In the USA more likely. But it might come to Kuwait at anytime since the Kuwaiti market is virtually out of sync with the rest of the world, we can’t predict when it’ll be out.
          Good luck! let us know what happens :)

  7. Julia says:

    hey i finally amazon.com put the samsung tab i want for sale


    do you think it will work here is kuwait ??

    the product details have this line ( Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S. )

    help please i don’t want it to sold out T-T

    sorry for always bothering you

  8. Julien says:

    Really good reviews!
    I already have galaxy tab 7 and i am happy with it, but i want Honeycomb. But I do not know if I buy it just for the OS?
    I have found some other reviews here : http://www.reviewsor.com/mobile/samsung-galaxy-tab-10-1-reviews-13459.html

  9. minit says:

    Hi there
    I just got my tab and I just wanted to break free from Apple
    But I have a problem, the videos I come across on blogs, I can’t see them, I press play and I can hear the sound
    but can’t see it.
    Also how can I costumise the home screen