Kim makes the world go maaaa !?

Posted by brownsuger on October 19th, 2011 at 2:16 am

I saw this post @His & Hers blog after a series of blogs posting about Kim Kardashian visit to the UAE and watching the video of people going crazy when they saw here :/ people i don’t know how she is a celebrity, she’s not a singer, not an athlete, not an artist in any way and not and actress … will not really … just a model who just poped out of the blues.

My real question is why are people going crazy for here, i won’t deny she’s very beautiful but that does not make her a celebrity does it? Then all Kuwaiti girls are celebrities ;)

Chill people not like this.

7 Responses to “Kim makes the world go maaaa !?”

  1. jamal says:

    Ur amazing, that’s funny :)

  2. BeRo0Q8 says:

    I Used To Think She Was An Actress.. But Over Days I figured it out..
    Don’t Understand The big fuss she’s making But It’s Good To Know To All Men Are Falling for her :P

  3. Summer says:

    The are many reasons that made her and her family famous. Her mom was in play boy and so was she, and her step dad was OJ Simpson’s lawyer. But the main reason that got her famous was when a sex tape got loose. What I really hate is that little girls idealize her. They think of her as a role model.

  4. Why is she famous?

    1 – Sex tape with a nasty nobody guy that she released herself to promote her reality show. (Learned from ex- BFF Paris) A sex tape used to “break you” if you were a real Hollywood or TV actress but if you are a nobody, reality star hopeful it can “make you”.
    2 – Her huge ass! LOL! (This looks good on her.)
    3 – She is really beautiful & has sex appeal. She also has a 24/7 hair and makeup team and edited pics with the best photographers.
    4 – Even though she is plus sized and only 5 feet tall (which is the opposite of a model or most stars) the designers give her amazing bags, shoes and clothes to wear. (I’m jealous ;)
    5 – Her lame reality show that I’ve only watched once at the Missoni which has the E channel. It’s unbelievably fake / set up and thanks to millions of female fans that are lacking in the intelligence department she is laughing all the way to the bank. You can’t blame the male fans because sex sells and they are easy to reel in. ;P
    6. – Her Mother is the brain behind operation KK that has made the family very rich and a household name. She has literally done anything and everything to make them famous and rich.

    When her fame dwindles like Paris another girl will be waiting to take her place in the reality world of trash TV. Maybe her porn video will include midgets and circus animals? She will appear in Dubai Mall for a shop that sells millions of condoms. (hahahaha!) Nothing would surprise me now.

    Still you gotta love Kim for being Kim. ;D