Socializing @ Salad Boutique

Posted by brownsuger on October 28th, 2011 at 2:19 pm

I was happy to know that the Salad Boutique owners follow our blog, last week i posted about the Interior design of the Boutique (check here). They saw it and contacted us to invite us for a meal, so we scheduled it for a late lunch on a Thursday.

We sat on the below table, i guess its the best table in the house ;)

For some time Salad boutique has been a hang out for me, what i like about it is the main dishes are Salads which is health and filling.

We really liked the owners they were fun, cool, honest and entertaining :) we let the owners to order for us but anything we tried before we did order we just ordered new items and boy did they stuff us :/ thank you guys :D

So as you can see from the pictures our late lunch had a beginning, a meddle and an end :D

I would like to give a BIG BIG thank you on behalf the 360 Dewan crow to the Salad Boutique crow Ghadeer, Mohammed &  Laila which we didn’t meet :p

Congratulation and good luck on the Salad Boutiques in Jedda, Bahrain and the up coming one in Qatar (Kuwait Power!)

4 Responses to “Socializing @ Salad Boutique”

  1. Ghadeer says:

    تشرفنا بمعرفتكم ،،،و اسعدنا انه التجربه كانت ناجحه ،،، و حبينا تشجيعكم للطاقات الكويتيه ،،، ،،، كل الشكر لكم فريق 360
    dewan وحياكم الله بأي وقت الساعه المباركه المكان مكانكم

  2. فوفه says:

    يعطيكم العافيه سالد بوتييك انا من اشد معجبيكم بالمطعم الي اكثر من روعه ويارب منها للاعلى دايما وترفعون راسنا ياشباب الكويت

  3. Rana says:

    Honestly.. i use to like salad boutique alot, but since i saw a cocoroch (zhaiwii) crolling up the wall next to our table in Salad boutique Jabriyya i never went there again !! it was disgusting ! plus the chef was working without gloves :S !!!