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Posted by brownsuger on March 2nd, 2014 at 8:55 am

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Back in 2006 i visited my brother who was studying in Denver, Colorado. When we got back to his apartment and sit down and chill we would have the TV on and as you know the American TV is famous for many thing and one thing is TV ad’s (commercials) and i used to watch them, they are fun and creative.

One of those commercial really touched me on a personal level i guess because it was very realistic in they way it was narrated about life and what life taks. I sill remember it.

Yesterday i was chatting with my sister about what is your best commercial ever and this one came to mind and i said let me post it. I hope you like it and please tell me your best commercial.

and remember what life takes:

Ambition, Practice, Luck, Tradition, Exploration, Wonder, Confidence, Respect, Determination, Talent, Risk, Joy, Spontaneity, and Help

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