Do you want to know who’s behind it and how it all started…!! Then bear with us


Itsallg000d (computer engineer graduated from California State University of Chico) & Brownsuger (electrical engineer graduated from Kuwait University) were two trouble makers with common interests and hobbies who got to know each other from work, at first in the governmental sector then we moved on up to the private sector.

Being caught with daily routines, we wanted to do something interesting that we and others would enjoy … hmm; ok let’s create a blog!

Naming the blog:

How did 360dewan evolve? We want to write about anything, so we wanted to call the blog “Anything goes” but it was taken, then we thought of “The Zone” but it was taken as well, then we thought of “The Dewan” but we didn’t really like it since it was not unique. Finally we thought of “360Dewan” and we got it :D

360dewan Authors:

Itsallg00d & Brownsuger are the main authors but not the only ones. Some friends from the Nuzha Dewaniya – the HQ – also post with us:

Khalid 18881







360dewan Topics:

We always had our own opinion about things going around in Kuwait (you name it TV commercials, Ad’s, restaurants, food, events and technology) we also brush on some of our hobbies and what we find funny or interesting.

Yes we put our own opinion in our posts (reviews) and say what we think … of course we always keep it ethical, honest and polite.

Our goal to have things around us enhanced, developed, and exposed :)