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Amazing Features in Latest Google Translate App [Apps]

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Google Translate has always been my to-go website / app for various translations from and to different languages and I thought that was perfect enough.. until this.

I’ve been stumped when I’ve learnt Google Translate’s latest features and I though they were too good to be true, but when I’ve tried these features first hand, they’re real and they kick a**!


Translate Texts From Pictures

It’s exactly what it says, the latest feature within Google Translate’s App (on Android platform so far) lets you snap pictures of multiple lines of texts, the app then automatically detects legible texts and underline them, you highlight what you want to be translated from that text with your finger and click go. a couple of seconds later and you’ll see the translation on your screen. Heaven!

Some of you might think of this as another Word Lens – like app, but it’s not and the variety of languages within eliminates all sort of comparison between the two.

Screenshot_2012-08-09-23-33-36  Screenshot_2012-08-09-23-33-41  Screenshot_2012-08-09-23-34-05

Translate Texts From SMS

Another useful feature is the ability to translate texts you’ve received through SMS. Steps are fairly simple, click the options menu, select Translate SMS and click on the SMS you want to be translated. DONE.



Can’t wait to see what’s next, as for now, click the link here to get the App from the Play Store. (Again, Sorry guys it’s Android only for now)



Samsung Galaxy S3 [Review]

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012


Wataniya Telecom reached out to us and gave us a hands-on moment with Samsung’s latest device; The Galaxy S3 is finally here, bringing the heavy stream of rumors and speculations to a dramatic end and with the SGS3 finally available to be test driven and abused, I was genuinely surprised at how difficult it was to review it.

As beautiful and heavily spec’ced the SGS3 is, it came a little late to make any significantly overwhelming difference to the market. However, that’s not saying that it’s not a capable phone, on the contrary, it almost blows every other smartphone out there, but again, here lies the problem, it could have blown ALL other devices away if it came a little earlier or with a few extra hardware gimmicks. Hit the More button below for the full Review.


To convert or not to convert?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

So the Samsung Galaxy S III is about to make its day view soon, many friends have converted from iPhone to the Android operated smart phones.

I had a love story with apple that started 3 years ago when the iPhone 3s came out then I got the iPhone 4 as a present. I really like the iPhone, how smooth, smart it is and the idea of the apple store just make the possibilities endless, although there were some restrictions it didn’t bother me at the beginning, I never had to gale break it.

Some of my friends got the android phones and they started comparing and they would always say android is better because of the open source capability it has, so when the Samsung Galaxy S III is out I’m thinking to get it but a love story with iPhone makes it hard :p

BlackBerry’s Latest: From Las Vegas With Love [BB]

Saturday, January 21st, 2012


We’ve been invited by the good guys from Research In Motion “RIM” to do some Blackberry talk and get educated about their latest, especially that this event came straight to Kuwait after showcasing their goods at CES in Las Vegas.


To tell the truth, I’ve been hoping to get some news regarding Blackberry’s Playbook and their rumored (now confirmed) OS10, of which would most likely be revealed to the public in February at the Mobile World Congress since they both made (or going to make) a historical mark on the company’s future. In the mean time, we were greeted by their $2,000 BlackBerry’s Porsche Design P9981 of which came in a state of the art packaging.




In a brief, the event was well hosted, the lighting was nice, people were beautiful and hosts that were more than welcoming; let’s not all forget the food, sweets and most importantly; Coffee.


Mr. Mohammed Al-Mefleh was the spokesman of the day, reiterating RIM’s role in the mobile industry and answering our eager techie questions, which mine was specifically targeting the Android apps integration with the BB Market for the PlayBook’s OS2.


I was concerned more or less about the “method” if you will, of the so called integration, whether the Blackberry Playbook’s next OS would play the Android Apps natively or through a mediator (an emulator); Mr. Al-Mefleh was very generous with the answer and did indeed mention that there would be a chosen (certified) apps that would be played by an “Android Player” application made through a joint venture between Google and RIM. How well would that work out in the end is yet to be seen when the Android Player becomes available with the PlayBook’s next update; the PlayBook OS2 (might be available around February). Some talk regarding the latest features of their OS 7.1 was illuminating, giving a nice insight into what the new OS update features would bring with it (to be released sometime in the next month or so).

What’s New in OS 7.1?

  • BlackBerry Tag: A simple method of tapping two NFC enabled BB devices to share information, files, add personal and BBM contacts and more.
  • The New BBM: Up to 160 Characters worth of user profile info. Upload pictures directly from your BlackBerry camera, just snap and set as profile pic, oh and it should support animated avatars too like GIF and such!
  • Mobile Hotspots: … Finally, sharing connections with up to 5 devices!!!
  • And oh, if you’re one of the lucky owners of a Curve 9360 and/or 9380, you’ll be in for a surprise: FM Radio! The aforementioned devices are already equipped with the hardware and circuitry and OS 7.1 is your way to utilize that missing “Radio” fun :P

Mr. Al-Mefleh mentioned that the updates would be pushed in to your devices Over The Air (OTA), meaning you’d be prompted to update your device once the update is scheduled to our region by RIM. And don’t worry, if you’re too lazy to update, the device will update itself for you! (trust me, it’s not a bad thing :P)

Personally, I’m still waiting for the complete BB overhauling that is promised to be in the OS10, but my dreams were short lived as the OS10 is somehow shrouded in secrecy and I wasn’t allowed in that circle of trust… YET ;)


All in all, it was fun and educative and we’ve been promised another event in the near future to bring us more BB-Insides; and with that promise we left the venue with a very appreciated gift in the shape of a BB9900 that ended up in my wife’s hands… and I was content with the BB stress ball that was left for me!


Thank You RIM for a great event!

Here’s a bonus picture of Nasser from Blog37 kissing his Camera :P (sorry dude, couldn’t resist!! :D)


Android features Steve Jobs… Literally! [Irony]

Saturday, November 19th, 2011


While goofing around in to check google’s latest music store, I’ve stumbled across the featured books section and eventually found Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson. I don’t really know what to make of it since Jobs stated in his book his ultimate desire to “destroy” and go “thermonuclear” on Android, and there he is; featured in the market of the very platform he wanted to obliterate.

Makes you think, huh? :)

Google Blogger App is Out!

Friday, September 9th, 2011


if you run your blog on Blogger, you might go like yay :) Google has just launched Apple IOS App version  for Blogger blog engine with capability to write, manage and publish posts from their iPhones, iPods touch, and iPads.

In case you wonder about blogger official Android version, it has been out since June 2011.

[Blogger Buzz blog]

Viber on Android is Out!

Sunday, July 24th, 2011


If you are Android user and jealous of of your friends doing “free” calls with Viber, well, it’s officially out  for Android free of charge. Click here, enjoy :)