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BreakFast @ Ryoog

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Today I had a chance to try the popular breakfast place in Sha’ab al Bahri. Back in May, one of our 360dewan members talked about his experience during their soft launch so we decided to give it some time and try again :)

We reached there around 7AM and about 10min later 3 early birds type of groups arrived. For some reason the weather was good this morning so with the combination of their beautiful comfy interior, it gave the feeling that as if we were not in Kuwait!

Went through menu and decided to get vegetables omelette, pancakes, and Nutella berries crepes with some beverages. Less than 10min our food started showing up led by mouth watering pillow shaped omelette .. No worry to reach office on time ;)

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My opinion .. The place is nice and cozy that I will not feel bored having my breakfast there every day. Yet, the food almost average and did not enjoy it .. omelette tasted as if it was pre-made then heated and stuffed according to orders plus it was relatively cold from inside, pancakes were salty and not fluffy. On the other hand, food presentation, omelette dishes specifically, is one of the best I have ever seen that makes pictures edible :)


Location : Sha’ab al Bahri – Block 8 – Street 80 – Next to curves, Villa Fairouz & EDO (Check it)
Contact: +96522639378
Timings: 5:00am – 5:00pm

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BreakFast @ Nino

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Just like other restaurants, Nino has started breakfast service for quite sometime. Along with my family, we were their first customers on that day. What I liked about their breakfast menu is full of many options.

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We had breadbasket, berries waffles, spinach cheese omelette, and beverages. Food was ok  except that I did not like those sides potatoes because herbs overpowered the taste and hated  the use of frozen berries ‘coz for the same price i would get fresh berries  sexy looking waffles.


Mana’esh Am Darweesh

Friday, May 21st, 2010

I’ve passed by this place called Am Darweesh for many times but always in the wrong time for mana’esh (fatayer) . Today I was in Sultan center so decided to get some mana’esh for family breakfast .. They are more like Za3tar Wo Zaait (ZWZ) with affordable reasonable prices and some  healthy choices offered as  whole wheat dough and fresh low fat ingredients.

They offer two sizes mana’esh L and XL; their L is same size as in ZWZ and FOOD tasted really good.  here’s my order type (prine in KD) :

Zaatar (0.300), Zaatar w Lebnah (0.350), Akawi Cheese (0.450), Akawi Cheese w Veggie (0.550), Halloum Cheese w Veggie (0.550), and Lahmeh bi Ajine (0.250) …  Off course you need to hit that by quantity to get total price, but the whole idea is their prices are very reasonable comparing with quality and taste of their food.

Mana’esh Am Darweehs is located in Hawally behind Qadsiya club. Check Location on 360dewan Map

Tel: +965 22666672


Opening hours: 7AM-12AM everyday


BreakFast @ Mugg & Beans

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


Mugg & Beans is franchise restaurant established in South Africa. It’s mixture of coffee-place & casual dining. I knew about them through mouthwatering eggs benedicts ads  in a local magazine.

For me the interior looked more like Bar than causal restaurant. The place was empty and so quiet; I was there at about 9AM on Friday so maybe that was the reason. Since I was alone, I did not have a chance to try out many things, so I decided to go with their signature South African farm breakfast (also called Mugg & Beans)    


Though I’m not beans fan, I have to admit their beans tastes good. Overall, everything on that plate was ok except that hash browns. I did not like it because first it was fried and tasted like potatoes chips.



Al-Kout Mall, Fahaheel Area, Kuwait. It’s located in the fountain area next to caribou coffee. Check location on 360Dewan Maps