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Thank you all for the Ramadan greetings

Monday, July 8th, 2013



First of all, since The holy and blessed month of Ramadan is coming upon us either tomorrow or after tomorrow i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the world for this occasion.

Second, i would like to thank those who greeted us with there lovely gifts: The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and Diet Care


Love the gift NBK :*


Love the cutting board Diet care and your right i will chop all calories possible ;)


Thanks also for the recipes book, i shall try to make my cooking posts from the recipes for that book     ;)

An event with Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa and The99

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

We received an invitation to attend the premier of  The99 TV series at 360mall cinema. I really didn’t want to miss this opportunity i guessed that Dr. Naif would be there and i wanted to see the idea behind The99 series.

The story is interesting and bring the good old days when cartoons where promoting good values. The event was planned to start at 7:30 pm but there was a delay and we started at 8pm. There were the Indian, American & British embarrassed. Also, i saw fellow bloggers and icons of the media in Kuwait such as Mr. Al-Sanosy (السنعوسي).

The event started with a speech of H.E. the minister of information then Dr. Naif explaining the project and the idea, after that we started watching 6 episodes of The99 series.

After the event was done there was a Q&A session then we left, on my way out i shook hands with Dr. Naif and took a picture with him then told him i’m a blogger from 360Dewan, his reaction felt like he knew me and he was following our blog i felt i like him more ;D all the best to Dr. Naif and The99.

Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa web-site

The99 web-site , Facebook, Twitter: @THE99comics and YouTube

Android features Steve Jobs… Literally! [Irony]

Saturday, November 19th, 2011


While goofing around in to check google’s latest music store, I’ve stumbled across the featured books section and eventually found Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson. I don’t really know what to make of it since Jobs stated in his book his ultimate desire to “destroy” and go “thermonuclear” on Android, and there he is; featured in the market of the very platform he wanted to obliterate.

Makes you think, huh? :)

Books Review: Moomin “وادي الأمان” ;)

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
I’m a sort of a book person and During my last visit to Dubai I’ve spent quite some time in Kinokuniya’s Book World in Dubai Mall. The place is one of my main attraction points in Dubai… It’sthe place to be if you are a reader. The picture below shows the collection of books I picked up during my last visit (some 140KD’s worth of books). 


While browsing the manga and comics section of the book store,  amidst all the bloody and supernatural tales of Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and what else, a colorful hard cover comic strip collection of Tove Jansson’s Moomin was there waiting for me to pick it up, memories started flowing in when I saw the book and couldn’t resist the urge to pick the 2 parts in front of me.

Author / Artist: Tove Jansson

Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly
Language: English
Pages: 96
Type: Hard Cover
Size: 31.24 x 22 x 1.7 cm

Book Impressions:
From the simple Simplicity of the cover to the tender and somehow ritualistic drawings of Jansson’s fantastical Moomin world, the book shouts innocent pleasure. Every time you go through the book, works of Japanese masters of imaginative fiction such as Hayao Miyazaki come to mind, the Finnish Tove Jansson however created Moomin in the form of fantasy books around 1945 and then wrote and drew her comic strips from 1954 to 1959.
The stories handled within the book are nothing short of genuine in style and content that until this day; few if any can actually stand up to the”exoticness” of this grand piece of fiction. The stories are lighthearted, but shrouds you with a weird sense of dread and gloomy expectations, yet the images of the book manages to end put smile through it all until you reach the inevitable happy ending. Moomin is a classic in its own right and not the kind that you put on the shelves for shows, you’ll read and reread it again and will wish Tove Jansson has made more.
Happy Reading to you all :)

رواية: هذه آخرتك للكاتب فيصل وليد الجاسم

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

هذه آخرتك روايه أصدرها مؤخرا الكاتب  الصحافي في جريدة الوطن فيصل وليد الجاسم وهي أولى رواياته الادبية والتي تحدث فيها عن مجموعة مختلفة من الاجناس وتختلف بتوجهاتها وبأفكارها فتعيش يومها بشكل طبيعي واعتيادي وتختلف بنهاية اليوم

يشارك فيصل وليد الجاسم حاليا (اليوم الأربعاء) بروايته الاولى ( هذه اخرتك ) بمعرض الكتاب الدولي بصالة رقم 6 جناح 57 وسيكون حفل توقيع كتابه يوم الخميس (غدا) برعاية الشاعر الشيخ دعيج الخليفة الصباح وبحضور نخبة من الفنانين والنجوم .. كل التوفيق

Book i’m reading (Book of the month)

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

The book was given to us by our friend the author his self Officer. Abdulaziz Imad Al-AAteeqi. This book explains the Islamic perspective on the law of attraction, let me present the abstract of the book:

Does the Law Of attraction Work?
What is the Islamic Perspective on the law of attraction?
What is the relationship between destiny, freewill, and your future?
Are you making “your” decisions?
The insights involved in examining these questions may change your perception forever?
In the book The Secrets and Islam, The Ultimate Law of Change by Abdulaziz Imad Alateeqi, explains the Islamic perspective on the law of attraction. It also shows how decisions and choices unveil the future and informs the reader of how techniques used by the media, advertisers and politicians influence our freewill; it reveals how destiny, freewill and invocation interact and many topics that will leave the reader with better control and understanding over their lives.
get it directly (the fastest) from publisher at
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Book web-site :
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