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Customize Ur Puma

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Puma Store at Al Hamra is now open, in the center, there is what so called Puma THE CREATIVE FACTORY station where customers could customize sneakers. The customization is not only limited to colors and outer design but one can select manufacturing materials after feeling them from the samples attached to the station. The good thing is that final price remains unchanged as if you would buy the standard version, however, delivery time is long! customers need to wait 1 and a half month to receive it.

Social Media Inspired Fashions

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012


Blog B For Bell came with a  fashion line inspired by the most popular social sites. The line contains facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr, pinterest, and instagram … very creative. I’m not red and black type of a guy but i liked YouTube classic looks, follow below link for the rest and let’s find out your favorite


FC Barcelona new Jersey 2012/13

Sunday, June 10th, 2012


My Brother just came from Spain and he bought me the new FC Barcelona Jersey. I like it although i’m not a Barcelona fanatic. He bought me also the black jersey and Real Madrid jersey’s.

Barcelona’s jersey looks cool and i’m excited to see them play with it. Let’s see how Barcelona do with a new jersey and coach :)


Just to show that i’m not a Barcelona fanatic and to be fair with Real Madrid fans below is the stylish Real Madrid 2012/13 Jersey :)

Identify a GCC male from his dress ;)

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Self-Tying Shoes

Sunday, May 13th, 2012


YouTube Preview Image

[Watch on YouTube]

A working prototype was created by an inventor, Blake Bevin, the plan to have commercial version next year. Not sure how comfortable that would be but it’s great product for special-need people. As for kids, i still prefer having them learn how to tie shoes to have sense of independence and achievement

Dubai Armani Hotel experience <3

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Its an exciting post for me :) so last weekend i was in Dubai, who was following the blog on Twitter and/or Instagram know ;)

For fun of it i booked at the Armani Hotel Dubai  if you don’t know it it’s the hotel at the entrance of Burj Khalifa (the tallest standing structure in the world).

I arrived Friday early morning and was at the Armani about 10:30 am there was a choice of having the hotel pick me up from the airport by a Bentley  but that would cost A.D. 500 so i didn’t go with since i payed a lot for the room :/

As we entered we were greeted, our luggage cared and seated for check-in were the check-in procedure really took long because we came too early :/ so about 11 am we entered our room

Everything in the hotel is Armani design i’m not talking about the staff uniform and talking about chaser, spoons lights, rugs perfumes everything (o_O)

The room was so stylish (of course) where i think there was a Japanese inspiration or influence where the TV, Minibar, closet and bathroom doors are sliding doors just like the Japanese architectural.

Upon check-in we were assigned a lifestyle manager that take care of all our needs (a fancy way to say butler :P ) he gave us his number to call him anytime if we needed anything and she explained the features of the room.

I love the Armani bathroom i don’t i have a thing for fancy bathroom. In the shower the water come from around the sealing light so when the water hits you you light up amazing.

Also during our stay we used Armani Spa and the treatment was so pampering (دلع) i didn’t want it to finish.

What’s great about the Armani is not just the design or facilities, the staff were very nice and the location is just perfect if you want to go shopping at Dubai mall it’s a 2 minute walking distance, even for business its great and the restaurants are waaaw, we had lunch at the Japanese restaurant there called “Hashi”  we were seated at the tiers in front of Dubai mall fountain. By the way Hashi means Chop Sticks in Japanese :)

The experience was amazing almost perfect if it wasn’t for the delay we faced at check-in. I highly  recommend the Armani you should try it out or try their restaurants.

Man Bag or Man Purse!?

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

A new topic in the world of fashion, but to be honest the concept of Man bag has been in the men’s fashion for as long as i can remember.

I’ve seen it in Europe first then in the United Stats and now it’s making a shy appearance Kuwait … many refer to it as a women thing and it’s wrong that men have such thing but as i sad it has need in the world of men fashion for a long time it just got fashionable.

Check out this report by abc —> click here

Yes i fancy the Man Bag it’s very handy, if you check what us men carry with us these days (wallet, keys, cigars, pin, sunglasses … now add … iPad, Mug, and maybe medicine)

So are you for it or against it …?

Men’s Fashion brands that i like :)

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Al thought i’m nor a fashion freak or an addict but i’m a bit picky in choosing my clothes and appearance. The main idea is to look neat.

When your dressed well it give more confidence and the way you dress reflects a lot about a person. Many fall in the trap “I just want something comfortable” will nothing wrong there but add to it simple touches that will make a difference.

This post is about the clothes brands i prefer to wear and i like, let me know if we char that same taste.

First i would like to start with sports wear since i do sports, Nike and Reebok are the best once in terms of comfort and looks, i have tried others but they are the once provided me with the comfort you need when doing sports because in sports wear comfort comes first. Puma also is doing a good job but i didn’t try them much.

Both Timberland and American Eagle are stylish and neat looking fashion lines, i like their style mostly i like Timberland shoes and American Eagle pants (trousers if your British :P)

Now were getting jiggy with it ;) A&F and Hollister are two funky brands first and for most their clothes are excellent i’m talking material wise and style wise. I know i don’t need to say much except i want them in Kuwait!

I’ve been to both stores at their most famous New York 5th Ave. locations :D waw the atmosphere in them is so cool, the lights are dim, nice music and employees are so hip! and they look like models, the girls are all 10 on the scale and the guys all have 6 packs (i’m so jealous :p)

Now as for Ralph Luren and Lacoste i like them more for the summer their polo T-shirts are the best fit. Sometimes when i’m wearing them i feel i’m going golfing or playing tennis.

The are luxurious with ridiculous pries tags.

Massimo Dutti and Tommy are the best brands for going out at night with family or friends for a dinner or almost any kind of event.

I see Banana Republic and CK are the best work uniforms :) i would buy from them to wear at work and CK underwear are the best i believe. Yet i didn’t do that till now but i’m thinking about it every time i’m there.

Kenzo and LV are my fantasy land, if i pass by those store i have to go in even though i don’t want to buy anything i just love their style and they are so worth the pries tags the last for long and still look go :)

I hope you liked the walk though my fashion thoughts and please tell me about your.

How to fold a T-shirt in no time ;D

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

YouTube Preview Image

[Watch on YouTube]

This is amazing i tried it this morning and i was like Waaaahhh it worked ;D

Reebok Toning Shoes R False!

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Reebok is fined over an invalidated claim “EasyTone provides muscle strength and leg-sculpting” of their EasyTone shoes; This costed them a settlement of $25 million. By the way reebok would still sell those item but cant claim that muscle strength result.
Wonder how many false claims we have in Kuwait .. endless