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TNT Arm Wrestling Competition

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


Two weeks ago my old friend Zee told me about an Arm Wrestling competition that was taken place in TNT Gym at Jabireya. We went there to check it out.

It wasn’t just arm wrestling it was also fitness, and strength. It was fun cheering the guys and seeing them spending their time in something healthy.

then the main event was the arm wrestling which i took the video for, the number of guys who registered for the arm wrestling wasn’t much but they were enough to compose the competition. Thanks Zee ;)

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Easy Healthy Meals Perps

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013



Major part of healthy living or phase transition like weight loss or body building is to prepare meals by yourself or at least under your supervision. Though i believe in this, i find it very challenging to do so. My main challenge is time and i really hate complex recipes.

What it’s great like about FitMenCook, he creates simple healthy picture perfect meals and lists nutrition facts to help you in your goal. For those are into high protein, this guy uses protein mix whenever it’s possible.

A visit to Yasmin Farm at Wafra

Thursday, March 21st, 2013



Last week i’ve been going around keeping my self as buys as i can, so i desided to go to Yasmin farm in Wafra to get some Kuwaiti organic food. I went there two weeks ago with Itsallg000d and i really like what i bought from there and it was a different experience.


The store is small but amazing and very cute. I found the cow bells, i tried to make them knock, they where really heavy :s but their sound was fun to hear so i kept knocking and knocking until the sales man gave me the look :|


As you can see the store contains a small variety of organic Kuwaiti products like Olives (yes we can grow olives in Kuwait) Strawberries, Honey, Dates, Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, Knaar & Achar (don’t know what’s the name in English) and many “Natural land” brand products.




Then we took a stroll round the farm. Now that’s the fun part! The farm holds Cows, Goats and a Lam here and a Lam there and every where Lam, Lam oh McDonald had a farm :P and Marry had a little Lam :p …. i just couldn’t help it




Officially to me now Goats are weird. How did they get up there and how will they come down :/


This device is used for the Cows to scratch their body with. Yes they are quit spoiled :p




She had a look saying “don’t photo my boobs: XD but i was actually asking “Got Milk” :D



The end


Top 10 belly fat burning foods

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012


I know that many people are frustrated from the fat on their belly and no matter how hard and long you exercise it’s very hard to remove it, tell me about it i know how you feel. You have to remember that it’s not exercise by it self will remove the unwanted fat on your belly but also food come in to play. Below are the top 10 foods that can help you achieve your goal in a toned body.

Almonds: Just eat 10 Raw a day


Berries: they have to be fresh the better a hand full is enough per day

eggs with baby chickens

Eggs: Stay away form the Chicks just the eggs, 3 a day is fine and better have the organic eggs


Lean meat: believe that and it’s better to have them grilled with minimum amount of oil


Oatmeal: can’t say much about it its oatmeal.

olive oil

Olive oil: try to have it virgin and if you can get it from Palestine that’s the best olives there if you don’t how to get it from there let me know i’ll give you my dealers oh i mean my suppliers number :p

peanut butter Peanut butter: Yes that’s a shocker to me. Take small portions

vegetablesgreenGreen vegetables: you know this was coming :P

whey protein

Whey Protein: personally i won’t use it

whole grains

Whole grains: I didn’t know that i thought pineapple was a fat burning food i guess it is but not one of the top 10

So there you have it and i hope you try it and enjoy your healthy toned body :) cheers

Fitness First in Mid December 2012

Sunday, October 28th, 2012


We posted about Fitness First which supposed to open in January but for some reason new date was changed to mid December 2012 , at 360 Mall 4th floor. Blog reader mentioned that registration booth is already open at 360 mall, for inquiry, you may call at 51195139. Early membership will get the chance  to get  pre sale prices.

[Thanks Cecilia]

Diet Care advice on how to eat at restaurants

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Once again i attended diet care event that was held last Tuesday 3rd of July at the chef boutique :)

The event was about how to order at a restaurant and make your order healthy as possible. The event was at 7 O’clock and since i live relativity near by i decided to take my new 3900 Trek bike and ride to the event ;)

I arrived early as usual, people started coming slow because it wasn’t easy to get to the chef boutique you could get lost but anyway we started the event with the Chef Pall as he gave us advice on how to order in Italian, Mexican, Lebanese and Japanese restaurants because the are the most common restaurant we go to in Kuwait.

Basically you should order food with less calories, fat, sugars and carbs since we can’t control the portion sorta speak and try to odrer the fool freshly cooked and ask the waiter for that. Also ask the waiter to tell you what is in your order.

The best thing i heard in the event was from Chef Pall “learn to dine not to eat in a restaurant” meaning taken a longer time in eating so that you digest the food properly.

Diet care advice you to Zumba!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I attended my second event with diet care, First time was Haka! And now it’s Zumba.

I really love the events that diet care are having, they are filled with information and healthy food and ways to eat then they always end it in a fun way :) there was a Zumba instructor who demonstrated Zumba for us, this sport helps the body losses fat at the abdominal area


During that event dietitians Ahmed Al-Failakawi and Sarah Dimashkieh where presenting, they talked about the bad habits of eating and how people can fix that, let me list some of the form the top of my head:

The human metabolism is at its highest between 12 – 2 pm and the further you go after 2pm the lowest the metabolism goes.

It’s recommended that you don’t have your dinner less than 2 hours before you go to sleep.

Eating one or just two meals a day will make your body store fat it’s better to divide you meals to 5 with small portions and a verity of content.

Not doing any excurse will help on decrease you metabolism and store fat

Being under stress will make your body store fat so try to control your feelings (yah tell that to a female Kaak!)

After the lecture there was a competition then healthy diet care dinner, during dinner we had a fun feisty chat with the dietitians’ hehe. I really want those cats to debate with the diet ninja, somebody will be sliced and diced ;) go ninja go!

Mishref Oasis Walk

Thursday, March 8th, 2012


Mishref new walkway project “Oasis Walk” is ready. I think it’s the best walk in any residential area in the country, the place has many outdoors activity for the whole family starting from walking path to relaxation swing chairs (but you gotta bring some cushions) it also has artificial grass  football “soccer” fields i’m assuming they are for rent in addition to basketball, volleyball courts, 2 new kinds playgrounds .. What i like about this project, they thought of some of  new activities kids like these days like riding scooters and roller skating so they reserve special asphalted area for them.

The project was sponsored by Wataniya Telecom for facilities, entertainments, plantings and Ministry of Electricity & Water(MEW) for lightings and water network

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Socializing @ Salad Boutique

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I was happy to know that the Salad Boutique owners follow our blog, last week i posted about the Interior design of the Boutique (check here). They saw it and contacted us to invite us for a meal, so we scheduled it for a late lunch on a Thursday.

We sat on the below table, i guess its the best table in the house ;)

For some time Salad boutique has been a hang out for me, what i like about it is the main dishes are Salads which is health and filling.

We really liked the owners they were fun, cool, honest and entertaining :) we let the owners to order for us but anything we tried before we did order we just ordered new items and boy did they stuff us :/ thank you guys :D

So as you can see from the pictures our late lunch had a beginning, a meddle and an end :D

I would like to give a BIG BIG thank you on behalf the 360 Dewan crow to the Salad Boutique crow Ghadeer, Mohammed &  Laila which we didn’t meet :p

Congratulation and good luck on the Salad Boutiques in Jedda, Bahrain and the up coming one in Qatar (Kuwait Power!)

Coming Soon – Fitness First in Kuwait

Monday, October 24th, 2011


Fitness First is coming to Kuwait by January 2012, i think this would be the first gym franchise in Kuwait. Finally, we are getting something other than burgers.