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Random Post: H.O.G. Kuwait Chapter

Monday, March 3rd, 2014


[Watch on YouTube]

My Harley Brothers are talented in photography and they do like to take a lot of picture and videos.

The above video is a brief collection of our ride for this season 13/14 hope you like it.

Big shout out to H.O.G. Kuwait Chapter

Harley Ride from S. Border to N. Border Q8

Thursday, February 20th, 2014


[Watch on YouTube]

Some of you might got to know i bought a Harley Davidson last year and i have joined the H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) Kuwait Chapter.

I really love the group and the community of the HOG. Every Friday we gather and ride to wherever the wind blows.


We had an interesting long ride from Kuwait North border to Kuwait South border.

It was estimated 420 km but actually it was 527 km almost the distance to Bahrain.

At one of our stops we did BBQ and distributed a badge and certificate for the participants, it was my first HOG badge :D


enjoy the video above ;)

Humans are truly awesome !!

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013


[Watch on YouTube]

The video above shows you have almost unlimited humans skills can be, how fare we would achieve, and how crazy we could be.

What are those people doing it not easy at all and could kill them but we still go on and do it. Sometimes we need this sense on thrill and achievement.

Hats off for them and ever tell your self you can’t just liberate your self from the fear

First Basketball Academy

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013


Last weekend, Hoop Mountain Camp launched as first professional basketball academy in Kuwait. It will offer full season + summer camps for boys & girls to learn basketball skills.

Q8Crawlers New RC Cars Community

Friday, December 14th, 2012



This is new RC Cars community specifically for Crawlers introduced by 2 brothers to attract people into this hobby.  A page was created for all RC enthusiasts to share trucks and experiences.

Though they consider themselves new to this hobby, they have built rock crawling course out of foam to make fake rocks terrain with paint job to give it real solid rocks look as in above picture. Also, number of videos were uploaded for crawlers demonstration … Good Job, all the best :)

Facebook Page:
Youtube Channel:


Quick Tips That Would Make Your Everyday Life Easier… [Video]

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Below are some videos by a VERY creative team of handy vloggers. Many of what I’ve seen made an impact on how I look at things and do some everyday tasks and I bet that there must be something in there for you guys too :)

Pt. 1


[Watch on YouTube]

Pt. 2


[Watch on YouTube]

Pt. 3


[Watch on YouTube]


TriStar Motorcycle training I took ;D

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Since the beginning of winter last year i want to ride motorbikes with Kuwait Harley group then finally i made a decision to get motor cycle training i’m asked around and everybody told me about TriStar for training :)  so i went


I was trained 5 days a week the trainer, Mr. Khalid Al-Hoti a great Bike trainer i like him :) so this week i got my motorcycle license :D

Kuwait Bikers and other Bike group ready or not her i came :D

Our new RC cars ;)

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Yah baby we’er going old school and got our selves a long awaited quest :) yes me and Itsallg000d wanted to get RC cars for some time, i took the initiative and bought my battery French made RB one that can sprint 100km/h yes ;) then Itsallg000d got his Japanese crawler Lunchbox.

Before i say anything more about the RB one check out how this baby moves ;)


[Watch on YouTube]

This baby was ready to go out of the box for KD 200 then the battery and the charger ad KD 75 do the math

As for the Luchbox its a cruller meaning slower and it’s more fun on non-flat land it cost KD 140 but it was dismantled so you need to assemble the car and buy a remote with battery and charger.

Itsallg000d and i go out once a week to have fun with them, usually when we do crowds gather around us to see and have fun :/

If you guys have an RC car let’s get together and make some damage

Getting Ready for GulfRun [WhatYouNeed]

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Here we are, a day away from the Land of Burning Rubber and I’ve been head over heels trying to make sure I’m not forgetting anything that would help me create the ultimate video! (and shots)!

Disregarding all my natural instincts of making up my travel bag and putting together my clothes and hygiene necessities, I found myself assembling my photo/video equipment under the beats of Armin Van Buuren… so let’s see what we have here; the picture above simply sums up what I’m going to take with me so here we go:

1- Manfrotto 390 Tripod (Medium)
2- Manfrotto Modo 785B (Small)
3- Manfrotto Modosteady 585 (Portable Stabilizer)

4- Epson Multimedia Storage Viewer P-3000 (40GB CF/SD card reader and backup device; fill a card, put it in, back it up, empty card, fill it again and so on)

5- Wireless Mic set (Mic unit, Receiver unit and Mixer)

6- Canon Vixia HF-S10 32GB Camcorder + HD Wide Angle converter and Hood
7- Canon Mini Shoe / Mini Shotgun microphone
8- Extra Canon Long-Life battery
9- Vixia Remote Control
10- Camcorder Fisheye Lens
11- Bose IE2 Headphones
12- Camcorder Suction Mount Kit

13- Extra Rechargeable Energizer Batteries (For Flash)

14- GoPro Hero Kit (Cam and Mount + 8GB SDHC Class 6 Lexar Premium Series)

15- two Canon 7D Batteries + Twin Battery Charger

16- Canon 580EX Flash + Attachable White Reflector
17- Canon 7D / Canon 24-70mm 2.8L + Hoya Clear protective filter
18- Canon 70-300mm 4.5-5.6 DO
19- Air/ Dirt Blower
20- Canon 7D BatGrip
21- Canon 7D Shutter Trigger
22- 8GB / 16GB Lexar Pro 233x CF cards + Protective Case
23- Hoya Circ-Polarizer filters

Whew… of course taking care of the equipment is the job of a Lowepro Flipside backpack and a CaseLogic DSLR Sling Sling. I really believe that I won’t be using all of the stuff I’m bringing, but I haven’t the slightest idea on what to expect over there, so I’d rather play it safe than regret not having that tiny thing that would screw things on me.

All in all, I’m looking forward for this and looking forward to making one hell of a video out of the whole experience. Any soundtrack suggestions guys? :)



Support needed for new Dojo camp

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Star of Lion Dojo is a newly established Kyokushin dojo in Kuwait that is seeking the help of those interested in martial arts, you can support by buying one of their T-shirts check them out. plz click here