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Rich kids of Instagram $$

Monday, August 20th, 2012


Rich kids of instagram is a web-site that displays picture from instagram app with rich people “Kids” for the pictures the display.

Some of the things in the pictures are way beyond belief. Check out the picture and tell me what do you see in common with the young rich brats :)

Note: you will see some of my instagram pictures in that web-site :P :P

Thank you Taz!

To convert or not to convert?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

So the Samsung Galaxy S III is about to make its day view soon, many friends have converted from iPhone to the Android operated smart phones.

I had a love story with apple that started 3 years ago when the iPhone 3s came out then I got the iPhone 4 as a present. I really like the iPhone, how smooth, smart it is and the idea of the apple store just make the possibilities endless, although there were some restrictions it didn’t bother me at the beginning, I never had to gale break it.

Some of my friends got the android phones and they started comparing and they would always say android is better because of the open source capability it has, so when the Samsung Galaxy S III is out I’m thinking to get it but a love story with iPhone makes it hard :p

The new iKout Update ^@_@^

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Kout bo 6 is the most famous cards game in Kuwait, it’s so famous that there is a Ramadan competition going annually and we had people from out of Kuwait coming to participate.

It’s so famous that some Kuwaiti developers made an iPhone/iPad app. Now i bought this app maybe two years ago for $ 4.99 during that time there was enhancements done on the game that made it almost perfect.

Yesterday i was a notification that there is an update on the game so did it and i was surprised!

Zain has sponsored the game! now the graphics has changed a lot as you will see from the snapshots below but i didn’t notes any differences in game play like new features or audio.

Now the good thing is you can get the game for free now on the app store but only for a month so if you like Kout bo 6 go get it! you can invite your friends and play on line with out the need of Wi-Fi that’s a new feature in the iPhone OS

My favorite instagram photo till now

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

I love instagram and that app is becoming more popular, above is the picture i like the most.

Instagram is gaining importance as well where many companies are creating accounts on it like Zain and Viva in the new future i think CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera and many others will have accounts as well.

Ohh by the way if you wan to follow me on instagram my account is q8matrix :) see ya!

One last thing i think there will be a new frase called “instagram it”

Hero’s never die :’(

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

No two will ever debate that Steve Jobs had an extraordinary story. Starting from birth and how his parents put him up for adoption, dropping out of college then creating Apple and getting fired and later on becoming the magic man that made Apple the biggest profitable company in the world with extraordinary inventions.

If i would to give a prize for a person who really changed the world and they way people think and setting new standers in creativity Steve Jobs would get it.

His announcement that he’s resigning from Apple as CEO was his and Apply’s moaning and the announcement of his death today (yesterday) put’s Apple in a bad situation :/

I believe even his competitors are sadent by his passing cause his pushed every body to think differently and for that he is respected.

It will be interesting to observe how Apple will deal with the future.


I shall miss you Stevee and all the lovers of Apple and technology geeks shall miss you as well :’(

YouTube Preview Image

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Love Foodspotting App

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011


This app Foodspotting has been there for a while but it never gets old. Since it’s  hardly to see people start eating before taking pictures in Kuwait these days, i guess this app comes in handy by uploading  pictures and review/recommend food on same time.  In addition, you can search for best, latest, or specific type of food around your location + what may each restaurant may offer. Check Foodspotting promo for other features.

it’s available for different types of smartphones and web exploration view for PC.  The only draw back i hate about it that i cant delete/modify post and some pictures are not clear enough.

For my personal profile, check Itsallg000d

Google Blogger App is Out!

Friday, September 9th, 2011


if you run your blog on Blogger, you might go like yay :) Google has just launched Apple IOS App version  for Blogger blog engine with capability to write, manage and publish posts from their iPhones, iPods touch, and iPads.

In case you wonder about blogger official Android version, it has been out since June 2011.

[Blogger Buzz blog]

The Most Expensive App !!!

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Check out the price of this App …. hummmm…. weird! i think Apple will remove it soon it’s not that much of a good app anyway ;p

The cheapest iPad2 in Kuwait ;D

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Yes yes i got the iPad2 finally and yes i got it from Kuwait with a very reasonable price ;) let me tell you my iPad2 specifications first

Its WiFi + 3G with 64 GB so how much you think it is ????

I got it for K.D. 288.900 :D yes and you wont guess were i got it from ;) i got it from “Barooi” – i hope i spelled it right - at the Avernus Mall (@_@)

It’s really amazing go get yours ;D

Important Update:

According to Jacqui there is cheaper iPad2 in Mobile 2000 and in Eureka :’( check them out guys.


Thank you Jacqui

Making your own ringtone for your iPhone

Monday, April 4th, 2011


I found this great post by 3ateeja’s Blog on how to make your own ringtone from you music library, step-by-step.

Click here to see the steps :D cheers