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The sleazy lemon

Thursday, September 26th, 2013


Taz is back providing me with some material for the blog and this time its a story of a sleazy lemon ;D so the story starts when Taz went to Johnny Rockets where he ordered a soft drink (Sprit) on the glass there was a slit of lemon. Taz had his dinner and drank is soft drink with out caring about the slice of lemon at all.

When the bill came surprisingly he was charged for the slice of lemon … now me knowing Taz i know he’s not cheep but i think those sleazy restaurants are trying to make up for the band on the service charges, like they aren’t making enough money in the first please.


And that is the story of the sleazy lemon i hope you got the moral of the story ;)

New Meat @ The Meat Co.

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

The Meat Co


It was a pleasure that i was invited to test the new meat that The Meat Co. have introduced to their menu. But fist i like to clarify that the above picture has absolutely nothing to do with the post except for the Meat Co. logo and i like the picture :)

In addition the event was educating, Mr. Hussain – the regonal manager – gave us a brief awareness session about the types of cattle and their meat, there where names that i heard for the first time. Moreover, Mr. Hussain displayed us a diagram showing from where each meat (fellat, reb eye, stake, T-bone) was taken form. have a look

mapFor a clearer map view of the onyx click here

I ordered the fellat medium will and it was melting in my mouth ;D

There where about 4 or 5 more bloggers with me which i saw for the first time, usually i know the bloggers but the once attended the event with me where quite new for me :/ check out some post i found for the below if your interested:


No means no!

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

To MacDonald, Hardeez, KFC, Burger Kind, and all the Junk food restaurants No mean No! loooool

Zaroob Palestinian restaurant in Dubai

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

During a business trip to Dubai i walked into a restaurant called Zaroob which i found that is a Palestinian restaurant it’s the first time for me to have Palestinian food which was quite good. It’s just like Lebanese or Syrian food with a twist.

The food is delicious and feels so fresh. I was going there every day for breakfast for 3 days, on the third day the works where telling me on my way out: See you tomorrow! i told them: oh tomorrow i’m going back home, but next time i’m at Dubai i’ll visit again :)

So i like the food, the workers there and the decoration was quite nice and cozy. Strongly recommended and you shouldn’t miss their cocktail one of the best i’ve had.

Location: Sheikh Zayed, Jumeirah Tower

Open hours : daily 9am-3am

Phone: 04 327 6060

I became friends with this young boy, quite funny guy or at least he thinks so :P

Oh yes the Zaroob is the small building (Hut) attached to the Barn.

Jones the Grocer Wants Kuwait

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012



Jones the Grocer, Australia-based healthy organic restaurant & boutique, is planing to open in Kuwait in 8 months.  It’s one of nice places to experience once you are in UAE or Qatar; I find it close to Dean & Deluca concept where you may have nice brunch and finds gourmet products.

Diet Care advice on how to eat at restaurants

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Once again i attended diet care event that was held last Tuesday 3rd of July at the chef boutique :)

The event was about how to order at a restaurant and make your order healthy as possible. The event was at 7 O’clock and since i live relativity near by i decided to take my new 3900 Trek bike and ride to the event ;)

I arrived early as usual, people started coming slow because it wasn’t easy to get to the chef boutique you could get lost but anyway we started the event with the Chef Pall as he gave us advice on how to order in Italian, Mexican, Lebanese and Japanese restaurants because the are the most common restaurant we go to in Kuwait.

Basically you should order food with less calories, fat, sugars and carbs since we can’t control the portion sorta speak and try to odrer the fool freshly cooked and ask the waiter for that. Also ask the waiter to tell you what is in your order.

The best thing i heard in the event was from Chef Pall “learn to dine not to eat in a restaurant” meaning taken a longer time in eating so that you digest the food properly.

Starbucks Increase Their Prices… Coincidentally a Week or so Before Salary Increases…

Friday, June 15th, 2012


I was over at Starbucks yesterday, got the usual double shot vanilla iced shaken drink that I’ve been buying since the beginning of time with the price of 1.300KD and today the price has miraculously increased a hundred fils… to 1.400KD.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with major corporations preying on people with every salary increase… it may not make much of a difference to many people, but to us who are extreme regulars, it’s just plainly disrespectful.

I’ll update this post later with more info as I get them.

Ps. If you have older receipts please scan and send them in. Thanks all!

Review: Zee Brgr

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

Many new restaurants opened in Kuwait lately that are Kuwaiti franchises which i really like :)

We received an email from Mr. Joe the marketing manager of Zee Burger inviting us to try them out at the Palms.

So on a Thursday i picked up the gang  and went on our way ;)

When we first arrive i really didn’t know what to think of this place -Zee Burger- i just gave it the benefit of the doubt

I asked for Mr. Joe we introduced our selves and sat on a table and he started explaining the Zee Burger concept.

Let’s get to the food :)

Mr. Joe was kind enough to order us all the menu :/ thank god i was prepared i brought friends :D

The appetizers

All the salads are very nice just like Maki’s salads but stay away from the Chicken Caesar salad :P

Nice Salmon try it

Strongly recommended

The above chicken wings are not that bad

Zee Burger time !! :) look to give you the bottom line order one or all of the following burgers

Zee Burger

Essa Burger

Mexican Burger

The Spicy bits

the other burgers are not that much

As for the fries i only enjoyed the sweet potato fries (Sweet Taters)  southern accent ;)

Dessert ! yes :D

The Brownies with the vanilla scoop is nice but not that special ]

Yup i saved the best for last the popcorn pancakes are a must have ;)

When you try out the place please give us a comment and let us know what you liked and how did you find the place. C ya

Fai9alR Reviews “How to Rip People Off” by Chili’s [Stealing]

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

My buddy blogger Fai9al from blog made a wish of mine come true, posting a wonderful proof of robbery committed by non other than Chili’s. To find out how much you’ve been ripped off since the service charges have been banned the last time you went there, click the link below to an educational course.

Trying Cucina new menu @ Hotel Missoni

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Last week mrdirector80 & I went to Missoni hotel to try out their new menu since we heard that there was a celebrity chef visiting and created a new menu ;)

For those of you who don’t know Cucina is an Italian restaurant with the original taste of Italy :D


Cucina Chef Claudio greeted us when we were seated at the table – such a nice person – i told him please get us sample size dishes so we can try the most we can … but before that let me talk about the restaurant it self.

The interior design of Cucina is very lovely and cozy, the staff is Italian so if you know how to speak Italian that would be great to show off in front of your friends.

Now let’s start with the food dude

mrdirector80 and i had the same drink its ginger with parmigiana but don’t hate me i didn’t get it’s name :/ i had two, yes its that good.

First on the table was the Calamari & Zucchine – of curse sample size as we ordered. I do recommend this as a starter. Let’s carry on.

Then we had “Insalata Tiepida di Gamberoni & Carpaccio di Cernia con Insalata di Finocchi e Melograno” yes the name is too long for a plat to small mrdirector80 liked it but personally i didn’t like it at all :p not recommended from my side.

As i was looking at my un-finished previous plat “Carpaccio di Manzo con Rucola e Parmigiano & Insalata di Pollo e Peperoni, Condimento al Balsamico” arrived at our table. It was good but not the kind i would come to Cucina to order it again. Don’t be disappointed it gets better.

We had a date with “Tonnarelli con Gamberi e Pomodorini” next, it was one of the best things that hit our table, simply its a must have.

The “Tagliatelle al Ragu di Manzo & Gnocchi Patate ai Quattro Formaggi” was after highly recommended. when i a had it and tasted it i didn’t know what was i eating but it was delishes.

By fare “Orata alle Olive Nere e Balsamico” was the best thing we had, if you like Italian sea food you must try this one :)

We are almost done bear with me as you see and drool on the above picture of “Filetto di Vitello con Purea di Patate e Salsa ai Funghi” yes Italian meat ball :p it was so nice that i eat it before taken the picture thanks to mrdirector80 told me “Hey take the picture first!

Finally the dessert “Tiramisu” i have one thing to say about it which i told the Chef, its not layered, i do it better sorry guys :P layered it better a layer of the cream then a layer of biscuits and the same thing again.


I do like Cucina i would go there again give it a try and let me know what you think dear foodies :D see ya