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Know your rights

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


But don’t miss use it

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Customize Ur Puma

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012


Puma Store at Al Hamra is now open, in the center, there is what so called Puma THE CREATIVE FACTORY station where customers could customize sneakers. The customization is not only limited to colors and outer design but one can select manufacturing materials after feeling them from the samples attached to the station. The good thing is that final price remains unchanged as if you would buy the standard version, however, delivery time is long! customers need to wait 1 and a half month to receive it.

Samsung Galaxy S3 [Review]

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012


Wataniya Telecom reached out to us and gave us a hands-on moment with Samsung’s latest device; The Galaxy S3 is finally here, bringing the heavy stream of rumors and speculations to a dramatic end and with the SGS3 finally available to be test driven and abused, I was genuinely surprised at how difficult it was to review it.

As beautiful and heavily spec’ced the SGS3 is, it came a little late to make any significantly overwhelming difference to the market. However, that’s not saying that it’s not a capable phone, on the contrary, it almost blows every other smartphone out there, but again, here lies the problem, it could have blown ALL other devices away if it came a little earlier or with a few extra hardware gimmicks. Hit the More button below for the full Review.


Dubai Armani Hotel experience <3

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Its an exciting post for me :) so last weekend i was in Dubai, who was following the blog on Twitter and/or Instagram know ;)

For fun of it i booked at the Armani Hotel Dubai  if you don’t know it it’s the hotel at the entrance of Burj Khalifa (the tallest standing structure in the world).

I arrived Friday early morning and was at the Armani about 10:30 am there was a choice of having the hotel pick me up from the airport by a Bentley  but that would cost A.D. 500 so i didn’t go with since i payed a lot for the room :/

As we entered we were greeted, our luggage cared and seated for check-in were the check-in procedure really took long because we came too early :/ so about 11 am we entered our room

Everything in the hotel is Armani design i’m not talking about the staff uniform and talking about chaser, spoons lights, rugs perfumes everything (o_O)

The room was so stylish (of course) where i think there was a Japanese inspiration or influence where the TV, Minibar, closet and bathroom doors are sliding doors just like the Japanese architectural.

Upon check-in we were assigned a lifestyle manager that take care of all our needs (a fancy way to say butler :P ) he gave us his number to call him anytime if we needed anything and she explained the features of the room.

I love the Armani bathroom i don’t i have a thing for fancy bathroom. In the shower the water come from around the sealing light so when the water hits you you light up amazing.

Also during our stay we used Armani Spa and the treatment was so pampering (دلع) i didn’t want it to finish.

What’s great about the Armani is not just the design or facilities, the staff were very nice and the location is just perfect if you want to go shopping at Dubai mall it’s a 2 minute walking distance, even for business its great and the restaurants are waaaw, we had lunch at the Japanese restaurant there called “Hashi”  we were seated at the tiers in front of Dubai mall fountain. By the way Hashi means Chop Sticks in Japanese :)

The experience was amazing almost perfect if it wasn’t for the delay we faced at check-in. I highly  recommend the Armani you should try it out or try their restaurants.

HP Birkin!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011


Found this at Eureka Samliya last week, it looks similar to K-girls current bags habba Hermes.

Abyat: Sucks!! Anyone Else? [Updated]

Sunday, August 28th, 2011


I really liked Abyat… At first that is, NOT ANYMORE! when everyone in the showroom just kept flocking on me and sell me the items I wanted with promises made like breathing air!

Unfortunately that didn’t last for long. I’m currently rebuilding an apartment with new everything, I thought I could save myself some headache and chose to go with Abyat since they basically have everything I needed under a single roof; and the quality of the products isn’t bad either, so why not? I’ve bought KD6,500+ worth of furniture, ceramics, kitchen equipment and the whole nine yards.

The ceramics were received alright, the lights, paint, bathrooms, except for the kitchen… oh evil evil kitchen!

I have to say my experience with the Kitchen delivery and installation department is one of the worst I’ve ever had. 

Let alone the fact that when placing an order, it would take around a month for it to be made (they said it gets shipped from Europe… I doubt it).

Anyways, on the 14th of August, Abyat made the delivery and installed the kitchen support and couldn’t complete the installation because they “Forgot” the doors and the fridge’s side panels and that the refrigerator’s door they brought has been built with mistakes. and They told me they’ll be back the next day to finish the job. And… you guessed it! they didn’t show up, I called and they said the next day, again and again and again. and it’s the 28th of August now and they STILL haven’t even got the half of it done. that’s 14 days for the installation + the 30 days period it took them to build it. more than 44 Days!!! I could build a HOUSE with that time!

I called customer support more than once, filed a complaint… and still got nothing, I seriously don’t know what Kind of service they’re giving their customers, but it’s totally far away from the image they pretend to have. I paid KD1,900+ Kitchen I didn’t get, and it’s only a single wall, 4m long open kitchen. One of my Worst Experiences ever!




I didn’t see this coming, Around 4 PM I got a random call that I didn’t pick up, however, minutes after that I got a message from that number saying he’s from Abyat and wanted me to specify a time so he could call me to sort my issues with them out. Of course I was half dead back then and just SMSed him back and asked if we could take after fotoor.

True enough, around 8PM I received a call from the same number and to my Surprise it was Mr. Khaled Hassan Abul, Abyat Board Director. I have to say that I did not get any e-mails nor have I been contacted in any way through the blog, whether its a lucky strike or not I have no idea, but the fact that the Board Director himself called me up to talk meant something to me.

Mr. Khaled expressed his apologies regarding the shortcoming of the kitchen department at Abyat and promised a quick and personal followup from his part. I really hope this works out for the best though, and I’m really thankful for Mr. Khaled, whether he’s reading this or not for contacting me personally to follow up on my problem. Will keep you guys posted. 









Sultan’s Farmer Market

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011



Found this new section at Sultan Center Sharq called Farmer Market where mostly local fresh organic products on display. I did not have enough time to check all products but i only got free range egg pack … i like this concept.

[nggallery id=89]

Aramex… What’s going on?!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

I really had my hopes up since my last touch and go with Aramex not more than a couple of months ago (here), and now this. Forget about prices, could be compensated by a good service, forget about the delays of which the customs and MOI might have a hand in it and again compensated by a good service. But when there “isn’t” a good service and your packages are getting lost and wrongly delivered, here is where you start to lose it!

Click read more for the whole story.


Musical Help Needed!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Hello again and help needed again, so please help me out if you can.

I want to download so many songs both Arabic and English and maybe some Japanese :D so that thing is i used to download my music from a software called Limewire but it got block and there is a lawsuit filed against it! so it’s not working

The question is now do you know a good way were i can download any music songs i want so i can upload them in my iPhone???

Seriously Apple™? Seriously NBK™??

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

I called in on NBK’s call center a while ago to check on the status of my money that has been “Reserved” by Apple’s money minions since they’ve cancelled my order for “unknown” reasons.. and I say unknown because their call center agents said so… they cancel orders and they don’t know why… and to top it off, THEY PUT YOUR MONEY ON LOCKDOWN FOR 15 DAYS!!! Seriously Apple? if you don’t know why you’ve cancelled the order, just release the money so I can find another place to order from!!

Anyhow, I lost count of the days that passed since they’ve cancelled my order and I thought about calling NBK to check on the status of the money “locked” by Apple from my MasterCard. and they told me 13 days have passed, a couple more to go. AND Just as I was about to end the call, the Call Center agent asked me if I had the SMS notification service on and I said yes, of which by then he explained that the management has suddenly seen “FIT” to charge 10KDs (or was it 20?) as an annual subscription fee to the service after the first two free years. Seriously NBK? It’s not about the money, it’s just that I thought you guys valued your clients. after all the time you’ve provided the service for your people, you just start charging for it? it’s just a matter of principles!

Man… Where’s the love??? :S