Scary Amazing !! (@_@)

Posted by brownsuger on February 23rd, 2014 at 12:54 pm

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I was swatting just looking at the clip … i think the kids are Russian and they are supper crazy for climbing that high without safety, but i guess they made it back alive since they published the video


فلافل شرف

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تعتبر الفلافل من الموروثات الشعبية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط في دول الشام

في الكويت تنتشر مطاعم الفلافل ولعل من أشهرها مطعم شرف في منطقة شرق اذكر اني كنت اشتري منه لما كان عمري 7 سنوات و من نفس العمال الي اليوم وانا عمري 30

تحيه الي القائمين علي المطعل الي اعتبره من معالم الكويت


Harley Ride from S. Border to N. Border Q8

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Some of you might got to know i bought a Harley Davidson last year and i have joined the H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) Kuwait Chapter.

I really love the group and the community of the HOG. Every Friday we gather and ride to wherever the wind blows.


We had an interesting long ride from Kuwait North border to Kuwait South border.

It was estimated 420 km but actually it was 527 km almost the distance to Bahrain.

At one of our stops we did BBQ and distributed a badge and certificate for the participants, it was my first HOG badge :D


enjoy the video above ;)


Kuwait riders 4th parade

Posted by brownsuger on February 16th, 2014 at 12:12 pm

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Can you count the number of bikes ….. wait for it wait for it bam 994 bikes ;)


الفعل ابلغ من الكلام

Posted by brownsuger on February 10th, 2014 at 10:33 am

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الكويتين يحبون يتحلطمون بدون ما يسون شي 

انا احب الافعال ما تكفي الاقوال 

لله الحمد مجلس الأمه الكويتي في موقعه بالانترنت سوي رابط اسمه “ساهم في التشريع” عشان الشعب يبدي رايه بالتشريع و يساعد اعضاء مجلس الامه في ادا واجبه 

اذا انت من النوع الي يتحلطم و فاقد الامل انا اقول ادخل علي الرابط وبري ذمتك و ان شاء الله خير 



Initative Veil (Hijab)

Posted by brownsuger on February 5th, 2014 at 11:53 am

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I saw this video on Jeleeb blog about an initiative that some students did about the veil where they let other girls try out the Veil on a booth in a Campos -i think- its a nice idea do narrow the gap between different cultures and make other know how it feels.


Yes they are Arabic numbers

Posted by brownsuger on January 27th, 2014 at 10:23 am

arabic numbers

Numbers where created by the number of angels they where made up from.

To a resent time i thought the numbers above where called English numbers and the numbers we use were Arabic but i got to know that the ones we use are Indian numbers and the the ones above which the world uses are Arabic numbers.

Know what surprises me is why we don’t use our own numbers that we created …. hummm

I’m sorry i didn’t get the name of the Arabic math scientist who created the numbers …. if someone knows please tell me


The Arabic numbers where originated by an Indian Mathematician and Adopted by both Arab Mathematicians al-Khwārizmī who created the Algorism (which came from his name) and Al-Kindi (the father of philosophy)

Thank you Paul for the information


Turkey the new found love

Posted by brownsuger on January 22nd, 2014 at 11:12 am


This post should have been published last year since we traveled to Turkey back at October 2013 but i was lazy to post. The love i have for Turkey got me to do this post about our trip so here it goes.

I honestly underestimated Turkey and didn’t think it a great tourist destination, Itsallg000d suggested that we go to Turkey instead of our US canceled trip and i just wanted to travel anywhere and since i have been hearing a lot about Turkey i said what the heck i’ll go.

Man i was into a surprise! Turkey really turned to be an awesome place i’m talking about weather, nature, shopping, people, architecture, sight seeing, history, and food, food, food.

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We stayed at the City Hotel wonderful place. In total we stayed 5 day in Turkey 4 in Istanbul and 1 day at Bursa. Personally i prefer Istanbul but Bursa wasn’t bad specially the Hotel we stayed at we a dream to me, i’ll came to that.

At Istanbul:

We went to the dolmabahce palace which was the last Khalifa palace before Mustafa Kamal Ataturk sadly abolished the Khalifa. Its a MUST visit when you got Istanbul




Also no visit to Turkey would be complete if you don’t visit the Blue Mosque at Sultan Ahmed with Aya Sofiya Mosque/Church



 Since we are football fans we were lucky to get tickets for a GalataSaray match in the Turkey leg. The crowd were so crazy and just loved them.

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Of cures you have to go to the Grand Bazar, The Spice (Egyption) Bazar, A walk on the Bosfor and took a fairy cruse to the Asian side.

As i said in the beginning Turkey is so much about fooooooood so here are some pic’s about that




 Then we went to Bursa.

Its a bit slow past than Istanbul people are more friendlier. It feels like a country side. I so much loved the hotel we stay at it felt like a Lukanda :P and i don’t know how to spell that it seems like a family owned this place and the daughter was on the reception, the son was the waiter, the mother was the cleaner and the father was the driver :D


This is the hotel


Not so much to do in Bursa except for sight seeing




Good times travel fast, so we did end the trip to Turkey and travel back to Kuwait with a new found love called Turkey



Worst football dives with saving privet Rayen

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Check out another link which is more funnier =====> click here


The NorthFace 2014 Challenge Race

Posted by 360dewan on January 19th, 2014 at 1:19 pm

Yesterday, The Northface-Kuwait store organized their mountain run, mountain biking, and obstacles challenge race in Jal Al Zour desert. It was cold and windy but athletes and their families managed to stay to last. By the way, Jal Al Zour is considered the highest natural geographical point in Kuwait where, on clear day, you may enjoy amazing view of Kuwait city with archaeological features around.

Check 360Dewan & istallg000d instagrams for more pictures.