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Dubai Armani Hotel experience <3

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Its an exciting post for me :) so last weekend i was in Dubai, who was following the blog on Twitter and/or Instagram know ;)

For fun of it i booked at the Armani Hotel Dubai  if you don’t know it it’s the hotel at the entrance of Burj Khalifa (the tallest standing structure in the world).

I arrived Friday early morning and was at the Armani about 10:30 am there was a choice of having the hotel pick me up from the airport by a Bentley  but that would cost A.D. 500 so i didn’t go with since i payed a lot for the room :/

As we entered we were greeted, our luggage cared and seated for check-in were the check-in procedure really took long because we came too early :/ so about 11 am we entered our room

Everything in the hotel is Armani design i’m not talking about the staff uniform and talking about chaser, spoons lights, rugs perfumes everything (o_O)

The room was so stylish (of course) where i think there was a Japanese inspiration or influence where the TV, Minibar, closet and bathroom doors are sliding doors just like the Japanese architectural.

Upon check-in we were assigned a lifestyle manager that take care of all our needs (a fancy way to say butler :P ) he gave us his number to call him anytime if we needed anything and she explained the features of the room.

I love the Armani bathroom i don’t i have a thing for fancy bathroom. In the shower the water come from around the sealing light so when the water hits you you light up amazing.

Also during our stay we used Armani Spa and the treatment was so pampering (دلع) i didn’t want it to finish.

What’s great about the Armani is not just the design or facilities, the staff were very nice and the location is just perfect if you want to go shopping at Dubai mall it’s a 2 minute walking distance, even for business its great and the restaurants are waaaw, we had lunch at the Japanese restaurant there called “Hashi”  we were seated at the tiers in front of Dubai mall fountain. By the way Hashi means Chop Sticks in Japanese :)

The experience was amazing almost perfect if it wasn’t for the delay we faced at check-in. I highly  recommend the Armani you should try it out or try their restaurants.

Living in Burj Khalifa Makes You Fast Longer

Thursday, August 11th, 2011



word up!  Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable issued fatwa concerning Burj Khalifa residents. Residents on the first 79 floors are fine but those living above the 150th floor need to wait three minutes while living between floors 80 to 149 must delay breaking fast by two minutes.

[via ArabianBusiness]


At the TOP, Burj Khalifa

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Ok so resuming on my last week quick trip to Dubai, UAE. We went to Dubai Mall for lunch at Fat burger, i really wanted to try it to compare it with Fat Burger Kuwait. But let stick to Burj Khalifa now and my second post will be about Fat Burger.

Now the amazing thing to get to the observatory level in Burj Khalifa you need to buy AED 400 (not going to happen) its just not worth it. Now i still didn’t say what amazed me, check out the pic below all times (almost) are SOLD OUT (@_@)

Know i heard that if you book form the web-site you can get the ticket for AED 100 but i don’t know which web-site is that, But i would go for AED 100


*A Caffeinated Update*
Well, did some quick researching, and you can actually buy the tickets by following the URL below:

Happy Viewing ;)

A 2.3 GigaPixel Camera WoooW

Sunday, January 31st, 2010
YouTube Preview Image

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I’m seeing it but I don’t believe it a photographer took a photo for Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa) with his 2.3 GigaPixel cam.

Have a look its amazing!! (O_O)

Is it Burj Khalifa or Dubai?

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Everything says it’s Burj Dubai starting from nearby streets’ signs to its souvenirs.  This bottle of water costs about $82 … it could be worth the price if you think of it as very limited item.

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