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I want the old facebook back :(

Monday, March 18th, 2013

old facebook

So yesterday night i was payed a visit by an old college friend we shall call “Zee”.

Zee and i go way back, we lost touch for a long time but where in-touch again ironically thanks to Instagram ;)

We watched a movie “The Social Network” which i posted about back in 2011. Click here.

In the movie there are screen shots of the first generation (Edition) of Facebook is shown and it reminded me of it and i started to miss it :(

the possibility to check out your regional network was great but its not there anymore, many features disappeared with no logical reason. every since FB got more and more complicated it popularity is on the down fall. I bet if Mark Zuckerberg went retro he will jump up again.

GaGa Girrrrl Got Goofed [Lady Gaga]

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011


How many more G’s can you get? >:)

Seriously now, someone somewhere who apparently was not a big fan of her highness deliberately hacked the Twitter account and Facebook Fanpage of Lady Gaga (or  Lady Fillet Minion… or Lady Muppet, Robo Lady, Lady UFO.. Lady Dirt, Lady Barbie, Lady Mazinger or whatever lady she wants to be through out the rest of her active career).

The Hacker who got away with a healthy amount of phishing information sent tweets and posted on her Facebook page that she’s giving away free GaGa-signed iPad 2′s to her fans and provided a link to a page that asked them to  submit their personal information.  Crazily enough, The scam was so believable to the degree that over 100,000 fans willingly submitted their personal info and data.

Well, I’m not the kind of person who would willingly kick the dead… but.. you people would be much safer being fans of David Hasselhoff :P



Source: Gizmodo

The Social network movie review

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

“You don’t get to 500 friends with out making a few enemies”

The Social Network, one of the recent movies i got the chance to watch, i know i’m so yesterday but what ever i still have a long list of old movies to watch!.

It’s a true story about a Harvard drop out and his colleagues and how did they come up with the famous social netwok site “Facebook“. Its a totally must see movie. It won many nomination in the Academy awards, Golden glob awards and many more file events.

What’s so interesting about the story of the movie is that how Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Fackbook) is perceived as a genius and a thief … i’ll let you the judge when you watch the movie, keep in mind what they say “No one becomes a Millionaire skwicky clean”  that’s why the call them filthy rich  and Mark Zuckerberg is a Billionaire not a Millionaire, the youngest in the world!

YouTube Preview Image

[Watch YouTube]

All-in-all i really like the movie, you should watch it but i have to include my warring the movie is rated “P-13″, personally i would rate it “R” for inappropriate sexual content and language and drug use scenes. is Fast and Free

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 is  optimized “fast” mobile version of facebook site with all of the key features. The most important things that may have access Zero facebook:

Free – Customers can access it for free 0 charge in facebook partners mobile companies.

Fast – Customer can do/view all textual activities (news feed, comment, reply … etc) only pictures will be hidden where customers need to follow links to view them but then charges should be applied!

I found video on Vivaq8 showing how to access for viva customers.

For more information about Zero Facebook, check this link

Hey! 360Dewan on FaceBook

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Yo every one! Finally we’re on FaceBook after many friends asked us to create a FB account we did it. There was some difficulties but we finally did it .. So lets be friends on faceBook Click Here and be a fan :)