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GaGa Girrrrl Got Goofed [Lady Gaga]

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011


How many more G’s can you get? >:)

Seriously now, someone somewhere who apparently was not a big fan of her highness deliberately hacked the Twitter account and Facebook Fanpage of Lady Gaga (or  Lady Fillet Minion… or Lady Muppet, Robo Lady, Lady UFO.. Lady Dirt, Lady Barbie, Lady Mazinger or whatever lady she wants to be through out the rest of her active career).

The Hacker who got away with a healthy amount of phishing information sent tweets and posted on her Facebook page that she’s giving away free GaGa-signed iPad 2′s to her fans and provided a link to a page that asked them to  submit their personal information.  Crazily enough, The scam was so believable to the degree that over 100,000 fans willingly submitted their personal info and data.

Well, I’m not the kind of person who would willingly kick the dead… but.. you people would be much safer being fans of David Hasselhoff :P



Source: Gizmodo