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Project 365: Document Your Life in Pictures

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Well, it’s never to late to start this project! Project 365 is about taking picture a day for the whole year. At the end of every year, we always talk about how fast given year has passed; we hardly remember what/where/how we spent it … the only thing we definitely sure of is that it passed and we did not have much time doing anything.

Project 365 is not only a fun hobby but it should help realize ourselves and manage self from different angle. For example, if a person has less photo of social activities and gathering this person may need to pay attention to that … so on!

In addition, project 365 could help be a better photographer. Also it helps remember where a person was or spent particular day of the year and at the end of a given year one should have nice photo album ;)

Here’re nice project 365 works to give an idea, good luck :)

A year long journey through one man’s 2002 (Individual project)

20 Inspiring Project 365 Portfolios

365 Project (Social network)

Teddy on The Go (Kuwaiti Talent)

*Remember, all it takes is having your camera around