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What is the Micro SIM card?

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Wataniya Telecom announce that they provide the mirco sim

When you buy a new mobile phone line you receive a SIM card to insert it in your mobile phone. SIM stands for (Subscriber Identity Module) and was made in 1991 a small chip that purpose is to hold information.

The SIM comes in 3 sizes:

(1) the credit card 85.6 mm X 53.98 mm X 0.76 mm

(2) the mini SIM card 25 mm X 15 mm X 0.76 mm

(3) the micro SIM card 15 mm X 12 mm X 0.76 mm

The Micro SIM also is called 3FF (third Form Factor) where the mini SIM is the second form factor.

The Mini and Micro SIM cards are identical but the micro SIM was made so that it could be fitted in smaller handsets.

Although it’s not a small handset but Apple new device “iPad” is supporting the micro SIM.

The old generation of SIM cards only supports name and number for the address book where the current new generation supports multi numbers, emial address and more for one name.

So that’s it for “what is the Micro SIM” every body is talking about :)