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Pixies Photography

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Precious memories are the perfect gift

Pixies feel the tinker ;)

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Another ‘good morning’ Kuwait

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

This great photo was taken by my friend Mohammed with his iPhone 4, i was next to him when he snap the shot and when i saw it i asked him to send it to me to have it blogged ;)

Just to let you know there is no editing was done on this photo :D

Photography 101; E01: General Orientation & Portraits

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Okay, this is more of an orientation class to the world of photography than an actual tutorial, many might complain that they want to break the rules because they want to be creative, you would, but ask yourself how would you break something you don’t know, so learn from the basics and find your path then. Anyhow, these are kind of essential to beginners and aspiring photographers, however if you already are an established photographer, you might want to read this for kicks and laughs, but if you’re an established photographer with a lack of a sense of humor… Please skip this article all together, life must be hard on you already :P

Topics Covered:

  • General Orientation (ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture)
  • Types of Photography (Portraits)

Read More for the Good Stuff ;)


How To Take Nice Pictures In Your Mobile Camera

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

With the latest photography regulation around here, this post worth to looking at :) In 360Dewan we take most of our pictures with our mobile-cameras, specifically, Galaxy S,  iPhone 3GS & 4. The main reason for this is simple “We don’t leave home without our mobiles” and sometime we have to sneak a picture. Mobile-cameras are getting better with more features over time and able to produce nice pictures, however, you can’t rely on them for granted. In this post, we are sharing our experience on how to have nice pictures and get the most out of your mobile camera.

Be close to your target

This’s a general photography rule we have to follow, specially, when it comes to mobile cameras which produce low quality pictures.

Clean your Lens

Though this applies to any camera lens, it’s essential in mobile cameras. We keep our mobile in our pocket, next on the table, later taking them with us to lunch .. etc the need to be cleaned

Don’t zoom

You may brag about your mobile camera zooming capabilities among your friends but don’t use it. Unless you are paparazzi,  digital zooming leads to terrible pictures. To avoid this, just be closer to your object.

Avoid night scenes

This’s another my mobile better than yours thing .. come on, did you see your night mode pictures?

Flash is not your best friend

Don’t be upset if your mobile camera doesn’t have flash. I always keep my flash off; flash can help you get picture if there’s no enough light around.

Don’t always trust auto-mode

Most of mobile cameras come with auto-mode that decides on shooting aspects but , unlike what in DSLR, it doesn’t work most to the time. If you are not sure about manual mode, trial & error comes in handy.

Move around for better light

Light is what makes your picture, move around for better light and angle. Or, you may take the shoot from different angles if possible.

Stop those hands from shaking

You don’t want to get blurry pictures, do you? Depending on your mobile camera setting, make a use of stability feature.

Make use of mobile camera features

You may be blessed that your mobile phones gives options to configure camera settings, take advantage and use them such as resolution control, Exposure & focus!, Stabilizer, Grids, HDR .. etc

Give your camera a second

Most of the new phones are good at the white balance; they only need a chance! this varies from phone to another but stay still and give your camera 5sec to produce good pictures.

Focus on one thing

Unless you plan for landscape shot, get closer and focus on one object.

Take more than one photo

Depending on the situation, at least take 3 shots so later you can decide on one!

Apply some magic “editing”

You may do the editing on your mobile or PC. With iPhone i use PS Express (Abode Photoshop for mobile version) it’s simple, free, and has all the basics. There many good paid ones to choose from. In Pc, I have Google Picasa; again it’s simple, free with all the basics + I can remove the geo tags very easily. With editing you do many things: black & white, adjust Color & light, filter & effects as out-of-focus, sharpen, saturation, sepia … etc

Promoting Kuwaiti Photographers, Zain

Thursday, February 25th, 2010



We noticed on almost every Zain’s newspaper Ad this morning a reference to Kuwaiti talented photographer … nice and creative way to engage and promote Kuwaiti talents on this beautiful occasion :)


By Hussain Shah


By Tareq AlObaid

Project 365: Document Your Life in Pictures

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Well, it’s never to late to start this project! Project 365 is about taking picture a day for the whole year. At the end of every year, we always talk about how fast given year has passed; we hardly remember what/where/how we spent it … the only thing we definitely sure of is that it passed and we did not have much time doing anything.

Project 365 is not only a fun hobby but it should help realize ourselves and manage self from different angle. For example, if a person has less photo of social activities and gathering this person may need to pay attention to that … so on!

In addition, project 365 could help be a better photographer. Also it helps remember where a person was or spent particular day of the year and at the end of a given year one should have nice photo album ;)

Here’re nice project 365 works to give an idea, good luck :)

A year long journey through one man’s 2002 (Individual project)

20 Inspiring Project 365 Portfolios

365 Project (Social network)

Teddy on The Go (Kuwaiti Talent)

*Remember, all it takes is having your camera around